URGE music store is dead


This didn’t seem to get much attention, if at all, but the URGE music store, done by Microsoft & MTV, is officially dead.

It seems like URGE got sold to Rhapsody. Take a look at the site.

That’s pretty sad. WMP 11 has a ton of online stores, but since none of them work (officially) with the iPod, and don’t have as much content as the iTunes store, they’re pretty much dead. Plus the fact that there’s no compelling player for WMP 11 (which does hundreds) is also a sad fact, which Zune could have helped solve. The only other media player, that I think is worth buying than the Zune and the iPod, is just the iRiver Clix. But that’s it.

I kind of like the URGE store. The interface looked nice, and complimented WMP 11.

Another thing I liked, is that you could play music videos without paying. You couldn’t keep it, but you could see a WHOLE music video, without paying it, or keeping it. On the other hand, there wasn’t that many music videos, but it was nice.

There were other little features of URGE that I liked, but don’t remember much, because I didn’t use it much – I have a Zune.

I thought URGE was a partnership between Microsoft and MTV, where Microsoft owned the majority of it. But I guess I’m wrong since MTV sold that to Rhapsody. If it were up to Microsoft, I’m betting they would have taken some of the good features, and plopped them into Zune Marketplace, before disassembling URGE. Made more sense, since Microsoft owns 2 things that pretty much compete with each other.

Here’s the main reasons I think URGE died:

  1. Lack of well-known quality players for WMP 11 – there’s a bazillion music devices out there, but the iPod still predominates because of the "coolness" factor, and the fact that it actually does have a better integration with other music things. Plus many users who have been using iTunes wouldn’t want to start fresh again (even though iTunes is still crappy on Windows). There are nice players, but they don’t get the attention they deserve. Now if only the Zune could have used WMP 11…
  2. Lack of content – Again, like all other online stores on WMP 11, there’s just a lack of content. I mean compared to the stuff you can find on the iTunes store, URGE and the others are small potatoes. Until those stores have some major presence, most content providers don’t want to bother with small online stores, who don’t have many popular music players.
  3. Lack of advertising/promoting – I watch MTV sometimes, and I don’t ever remember seeing something for URGE at all. Maybe a few time, but that was long ago. Nothing memorable at all. The MTV website doesn’t complement the URGE store much either. So part of the failure of URGE has to do with MTV not trying hard enough to get people to look at URGE. Funny, considering MTV is really all about music and video.
  4. Nothing unique or significant enough to use – URGE and all the other online stores (from WMP) all seem pretty much similar. URGE really didn’t have that much anything compelling for new users to switch from.

So those 4 things pretty much killed URGE.

Well URGE was nice while it lasted.

Did any of you ever liked the URGE store (if you used it before)?


3 thoughts on “URGE music store is dead

  1. Perhaps URGE died because it was competition – not with iTunes, but with Zune Marketplace. It seems to me as though Microsoft would want to place its online music shopping presense under the Zune umbrella rather than anything that might compete with Zune.

  2. @Jeff Ferguson :
    I know, Microsoft keeping both URGE and Zune Marketplace isn\’t smart. That\’s why I really wished MS had ZuneM in WMP 11, because all the other online stores there don\’t offer as much content.

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