Windows Live Calendar – beta

Looks like Live Calendar is finally here. Though it should have been here since the official Live Hotmail launch.


                                                                                    (via LiveSide)

Looks quite nice, compared to the old MSN one. I was kind of expecting a more cooler look, but this is fine and simple.

Live Calendar looks nice, but here are some things that I think the Calendar team needs to keep in mind:

  1. Syncs with "other" calendars offered by Microsoft – As you know, MS has a ton of similar applications, and a calendar program is no different. You have Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Calendar, and even Microsoft Calendar (now known as Windows Calendar). So wouldn’t it be wonderful if Microsoft made it possible to sync with all these calendars? To me, Live Calendar is essentially an online version of Outlook for me. So please Microsoft, let Live Calendar be able to sync with other Microsoft-made calendars. That’s where the whole user experience and synchronization/integration comes in.
  2. Outdoes other well-known calendars – I really hope that Microsoft really tried to do something new, or add features not seen in other calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal. Users want something new. What’s the point of making a brand new calendar app. if it looks like all the others? So I’m really hoping that there’s something worth to Live Calendar, that you won’t find in any other. Live Cal. shouldn’t be just a catch-up feature. It has to offer something new.
  3. Works fast – as usual, speediness is something important and that I expect
  4. Lots of customizations/layouts – I want as much customization that I can get out of my own personal calendar. Color, what to display, how to display it, the way it looks, etc. There has to be this.
  5. Doing tasks is as easy as 1-2-3 – Hopefully, Live Calendar will be as simple to use as possible. And it actually works well. No trying to find a command, no lags, nothing like that.

Well you get the gist of what I expect. So hopefully, Live Calendar will be a success.

You can see an overview and a link to Live Calendar :


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