Microsoft needs reorganization

Microsoft is a really mixed-up company.

Some of their products/services overlap each other, making it hard to distinguish which one you should pick. (IE : Vista Ultimate/Vista Premium, Microsoft Works/Microsoft Office, Xbox 360 Premium/Elite, Windows Mail/Outlook/Windows Live Mail/Outlook Express, etc.) That’s why Microsoft’s site is so crazy, they have WAY too many things for one site to handle it all. Which makes it all confusing.

Microsoft also has to do something about their employees and teams. I find it hard to identify Microsoft as a place for young adults (20’s) to work at. I mean, the top tech companies any college student wants to work at is Google and Apple. And yes, they’re really successful. But Microsoft has this thing, where it looks like a bunch of employees are pretty middle-age, or past that.

Young people are essential to a tech company. They’re the ones that come up with the new ideas, feel more enthusiastic at a tech company, strive to do harder in the workforce to go up the ladder, and help bring "the image" that a tech company is strong, youthful, and healthy.

That’s one thing Microsoft doesn’t have enough of – young workers.

Microsoft also needs to do better with their product teams. Microsoft has a history of taking employees out of this product team, and push into another team to help work on that. So maybe the IE team has 30 people working on it, and then Microsoft decides they need 15 of those people to work on Windows Vista. So now IE is a low priority, and with less workers, it’s kind of tough. Which is why it took so long for IE7 to come out, and it doesn’t really surpass to what Firefox users’ expectations are.

So if Microsoft would just make some permanent teams, and stop mixing around, and making this product "high priority" and "low priority" and just treated them as all important, we could see really awesome stuff. Instead of waiting for eons to get to it.

Microsoft also needs a theme. Or something to be known for. Like Google is known for providing free services with the exception of ads. Apple is known for making quality stuff. What’s Microsoft known for? Making buggy programs and copycat products? Might be to many people these days. Microsoft needs something that they can be known for, that’s good. I just say as long as they make great software, and do new things and do things better, then they’re awesome.

Then there’s Steve Ballmer. I don’t know much about the CEO, but it doesn’t look good. I mean people make fun of him a lot, and I don’t even know why. But if he’s that bad, maybe he ought to go. I mean, he really doesn’t help Microsoft’s image any better. "DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!" Not really helpful at all. Tech companies are about image as well as quality, and Microsoft’s image looks bad with Ballmer. They have to yank Ballmer out.

So if Microsoft could just reorganize themselves a bit, I bet they would perform better and actually DO BETTER. I mean, if Microsoft keeps going at this rate, they’re dead.

3 Main things for Microsoft to consider when reorganizing:

  1. Simplifying product lines, and killing off products that are either weak, too basic/not of good quality, and putting them all into ONE good one.
  2. More young adult employees and keeping product teams active and together
  3. Firing Steve Ballmer

Those 3 things, and Microsoft will be a definitely better company. At least people can’t cite these reasons to dislike Microsoft if they’re gone.

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