Does Microsoft get the web?

That’s something that people may wonder sometimes.


I mean, today, Microsoft has a relatively loose foothold on the internet. The only main thing people associate Microsoft with the internet is :, MSN/WLM, Hotmail, and that’s it. Really.

For everything else, there’s Google. At least that’s what I hear from most people.

So where does Microsoft not get the web? Well, I can name you many places were Microsoft just doesn’t ‘get the web’.

Some examples are:

  • Google offering a very good search algorithm – Google beat Microsoft to it. Around 2001, we see MSN, and MSN Search, but it appeared rather weak compared to Google’s.
  • site – this is like practically one of the most disorganized sites on the internet (right after Microsoft’s products/services are spread throughout many sites (sometimes out of, and there’s no consistency in UI at all, it is very difficult to locate things from the site itself, and it’s just mayhem.
  • IE7 – While IE7 is an awesome browser, Microsoft really took a long time in doing a new version of IE after IE6. If Microsoft really appreciated the web, they would have released a much better browser sooner. Even though IE7 is awesome, it’s not much of a turn-on for Firefox users.
  • IE and web standards – always been a BIG complain amongst developers. IE just really doesn’t do well with web standards, and to many of the people who criticize, it’s Microsoft trying to control everything. So that’s why they’re switching to Firefox and other alternatives. It doesn’t make sense for MS to continue to not have full support.
  • MSN – MSN is nice, but it’s really re-posted content from other sites. For the most part. Many of the articles you’ll find have came from other sites. Some of MSN’s sites are rather sub-standard. MSN really doesn’t offer anything good enough for the average user to stick with and read.
  • Windows Live – the first iteration was no major success. MS is still trying to get it. We still see a ton of services/tools in beta, not much news for anything really new/significant/innovative coming from there, mixed-up preview & features site, and the long wait for new.
  • Bad design – There’s never a time I remembered a Microsoft site with a really nice look. It’s like Microsoft never even tries.

That’s just some stuff. As the use of internet grows wider and deeper, Microsoft has to catch-up to stay with it. The things they’re still doing right now, is hurting them. So unless they take action, they’re just a sitting duck.

So Microsoft hasn’t been getting the web, but they’re getting better. Microsoft needs to embrace the web, and do all it can to make Web-life better.


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