Adobe Buzzword – Will Microsoft Word ever do an online version?

I just took a look at Adobe Buzzword – and let me tell you, it’s awesome.

Adobe has been thinking about entering the office suite market for sometime, and Buzzword is an indicator of this.

Buzzword is pretty much a basic word processor on the web. No ads or anything like that (so far). The site runs on Flash, but it’s pretty neat. Flash doesn’t get in the way, or take forever to load up.

The UI is clean, and beautiful. Just the way I want it! It’s pretty straightforward and useful. I could definitely see this as a Microsoft Word killer, if Microsoft doesn’t do something about it soon. So here’s a screenshot tour:

Log-in to Buzzword to access it.


You can add comments to areas on the doc.

Tons of font color options!


Making a table – so simple!

Making a list and ruler view

Putting in a header. As easy as 1-2-3.

Viewing my documents.


It’s so awesome. I’m starting to like Adobe more than ever. They really do make good stuff.

So what I’m really hoping is, is that Microsoft will get on the ball, and allow a FREE version of Microsoft Office that does all the basics (with NO ads) on the web.

OR a FREE full featured online Microsoft Office suite, with the possibility of containing ads.

Either ways, people want a free office suite – since most average Joe users are not obsessive users of them.

If Microsoft won’t, people will continue to look for alternatives. OpenOffice is becoming the office suite of choice by some people.

Because honestly, Microsoft Office suites are OVERPRICED. For what they do, they are truly not worth the retail price they’re set at.

So maybe Adobe releasing Buzzword will help get Microsoft’s attention. Adobe is really releasing good software these days. Sometimes I think Adobe should join Microsoft’s side, to help beat Apple…


3 thoughts on “Adobe Buzzword – Will Microsoft Word ever do an online version?

  1. Wow. That\’s really awesome.
    I too hope this encourages Microsoft to take the free route. MS Office is still way too much for most people. Lucky that I have one though.
    Nice review.

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