Microsoft InkSeine – the future of tablet computing

I saw this from On10, and I was pretty interested.

InkSeine is basically a touchscreen way of searching for stuff, without going to a separate place to search to find stuff.

So you can highlight the word, maybe draw a circle around some text, and you’re presented with options to search for it, from your computer, to the web, anywhere.

Another cool feature (which should be in IE8!) is drag-n’-plop screenshots. There’s this mini camera button, and wherever you want to take a picture of, you just drag diagonally across and the piece comes out as a picture. No need to go into paint or anything. You can just place the screen cut anywhere you want on your notes.

I also saw this cool scroll wheel thingy. Where instead of moving your wrist constantly up and down to scroll, there’s just this mini-wheel, where going clockwise goes up, and counter-clockwise goes down. Pretty neat.

So take a look at the video itself.

Neat, eh?

Current tablet PC’s and touch is rather boring. Microsoft is really working on it, but touchscreen tablet PC’s just cost too much, and don’t do anything really cool. Not like surfacing computing-like, or even iPhone-like. If only a tablet PC just seemed more entertaining, geared towards touch. That would be really awesome.

So here’s a look at InkSeine. It probably could get integrated into OneNote one day, or any program maybe. I hope Microsoft really delves into touchscreen more.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft InkSeine – the future of tablet computing

  1. @Hannah: Can you be more specific? Like get a background image on your desktop screen?
    For that, you just find an image, right-click, and select "Set as Background".
    If that\’s not it, just send me a message to specify. Thanks.

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