No major events ever happen in Houston

Oh, this has nothing to do with my usual topic. I just thought I’d post something about my hometown.

I like Houston, it’s a pretty nice city if you really think about it. Housing is pretty affordable here, it’s the 4th largest U.S. city, the Port of Houston is humongous, and you just have to love the Rodeo!

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pollution in Houston (mainly eastern Houston, I live in the more affluent west), no zoning laws (which can be bad, but sometimes good), lack of major things happening here, and it’s really NOT that urban for a large city.

Houston is a really suburban place, with a small downtown core. Heck, even the Galleria/Uptown area accounts more for commerce than downtown. Part of this is because public transportation in Houston is a joke. You could always take the Metro bus, but in many areas, it looks too sleazy for a person who can afford a car. There’s a light-rail system since 2004, but this too is a joke. It’s only serviceable in the core of Houston, and doesn’t even touch much out of there. Most people commute from the suburbs! They’re taking forever to put out more rail line, because of disputes on how it affects surrounds, businesses, houses, etc. Silly stuff. Just build it, and get on with it.

Most of TxDOT’s cash is spent on freeways and highways. What a waste. More and more people in Texas shouldn’t mean, build more and more roads. How about effective mass transit? I bet 85% plus expenses are spent on highways alone. Sad.

Ok, well anyways, nothing of much importance ever happens in Houston. And I wish there were. We almost had the Olympics, but Chicago beat us all in the end.

About every TV show/movie shows the top 3 U.S. cities, but never Houston. Are we really that bad?

Sigh. Just wanted to put something from myself in this post.


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