The Ultimate Zune 3 wishlist


Zune 2.0 definitely rocks. Even though there were a few minor negatives, for the most part, the new Zune systems rock!

But of course, it could still stand to do better.

So I made a list of things that I think should be in the new Zune device/firmware/software.

First, my device wishlist:

  • 16GB version – some people think 8GB is too little, and 80GB is too much. Somewhere in between would be a nice option. That’s why news of the yellow Zune 16 got some tounges rolling.
  • 30GB version (with new updated look) – Many people also still want a 30GB player, but with the new updated look. Just update the look, it’s not that hard, right?
  • User-replaceable battery – Many people want a PMP that allows a user to be able to change their own battery, without sending it somewhere to get fixed, and pay big bucks. And some people find it more convenient if the user can change the battery, in case there’s no way to be able to charge the Zune on an airplane trip, and be bored to death. But at the same time, many of us would like a way to recharge it in the device as well. Do the best of both worlds Zune team.
  • Make it slimmer – as if the Zune wasn’t slim enough, it still can be, right? To the point where the device’s width is 6mm or less.
  • Make it smaller and more portable – Some people love the iPod shuffle, because it’s tiny and it works to just play audio. Even though the Zune’s all about video and a screen interface, they ought to offer a super tiny version, that holds a lot of music.
  • Light-up Zune logo – Silly feature. I know. But it would be neat if the device had a light-up Zune logo.
  • Touchscreen version – People are really into touchscreens these days. Let’s see a touchscreen version of the device. Multi-touch?
  • More engraved design options – The text you can choose is nice, but I would like my own pictures or art to be engraved on the back.
  • Cheaper – Cheaper is always nice.
  • Headphone jack at the top – they did this with the 1st gen, but not with the 2nd gen? It makes more sense, in case you need to dock your Zune somewhere.


  • Visualizations/bar stacks – I would love to see some visualizations or bar stacks graphics to display when my music is playing.
  • View Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. files – I want to view .doc(x), .ppt(x), .pdf, etc. files on my device.
  • More media format support – Maybe DivX, XVid, or some of the other popular formats going around.
  • AM Tuner – if there’s an FM Tuner, how about AM Tuner?
  • Speedier – I noticed a small lag, compared to the firmware before 2.2
  • Bluetooth
  • High-res picture viewing
  • Grab/Sync podcasts via WiFi
  • share video podcasts via WiFi
  • audiobook/e-book support
  • gapless playback
  • playlist sharing
  • WiFi connect to the Xbox 360
  • Windows Sideshow support
  • No 3-play limit IF you are a ZunePass user (unless the song is not approved for sharing)
  • Extend 3-play limit to maybe 5-10?
  • clock
  • get business partners to set-up a store music kiosk, where listeners can flag a music track they hear, to look up later
  • Live Messenger support
  • Wi-Fi Music store (will get more people to use ZMP)
  • Gaming
  • Use as a portable hard drive
  • scrolling lyrics support
  • RSS feeds updated by WiFi
  • edit songs on the go
  • FM recording
  • EQ settings
  • video out (for all Zunes, not just Zune 80)
  • internet browser (simple)
  • video playlists

Zune software program

  • Tweak WMP 11/12 with Silverlight or something, add all the benefits of current Zune program, and put that all together. Perfect
  • 5-star rating of music
  • more extensive ZMP, with games, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, about a ton of things
  • ZMP to offer ‘official’ lyrics to songs – Must have feature! I would do anything for that. They should offer it for free up to .30 cents.
  • Visualizations/bar stacks graphic art
  • PlayForSure compatible
  • smart/auto playlists support
  • carousel view that matches the wonders of CoverFlow
  • Way to resize thumbnails
  • Dynamic search – used to. Still in WMP 11
  • back AND forwards button
  • List view to have different shaded bars for each media piece, similar to the layout for list views in iTunes  
  • graphical look similar to WMP 11 – or heck, drop it into WMP 11
  • show more additional artist profiles – add more for details for ALL artists and get some more history into it
  • Put ZMP onto the MSN Music site! Make it on the web! Sign-in, and do what you need to do!
  • Get RID of Microsoft Points – for MOST users, it’s a hassle that we don’t need to deal with in converting
  • International versions
  • More media formats support
  • Allow developers to tap in, and allow them to make extra skins (same level of customizability of WMP)
  • Help files embedded into the software, instead of external Zune site.
  • View Zune Social profile in the player, and be able to edit it
  • Zune wallpaper site
  • Does everything WMP 11 can
  • faster install
  • OS X support – just do it, to keep the Apple fanatics at bay
  • ability to edit ID3 settings


  • Get Zune Social cards onto places like Facebook, Live Spaces, and other web places.
  • Rename ‘Favs’ on Zune Social, to "Faves"
  • Allow users to use the word "Zune" in their profile status
  • more specific site for ZunePass

Ok, that’s the best I could think up. I borrowed a few ideas from other sites too. So what do you think? If you have any extra additional wishes that aren’t in my list, comment about this. I might add it up, if it’s worthwhile.

*NOTE anything highlighted in red has been resolved before Zune 3.

So that’s my ultimate wishlist. I may edit this, if features do come, or I find features worth adding.

Give it a read, comment.


9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Zune 3 wishlist

  1. Microsoft Points will not go away – nor should they. It would be too difficult for Microsoft to keep changing the prices to match exchange rates that change daily. In addition, not using Microsoft Points would mean that people would have to purchase with a credit card, and Microsoft is charged for every single credit card transaction. Rather than dealing with multiple credit card transactions, and their associated fees, and driving the price point of the Zune platform up even further, Microsoft is keeping costs down by allowing us to make one credit card transaction that provides for enough points to make multiple purchases without dealing with the credit card companies.
    I look forward to displaying my Zune Card on my Live Spaces site. I can\’t do that today.

  2. @Jeff Ferguson : You do have a point there. But MOST people I know consider MS Point as a major downer to the overall experience. You have to do heavy calculating to figure how many points = how many cents. Like how much does 1 cent exactly cost? Or how do you know that you\’re not being charged more on ZMP without calculating the prices? Just too difficult for most users. It\’s a hassle.
    You don\’t have to use credit cards either. I\’m more of a fan of prepaid cards, and entering the codes to allow purchases. No credit cards go through ZMP at all for me.
    Apple and other online stores are able to balance all this, without giving users a hassle, AND keeping costs relatively down as well. Couldn\’t Microsoft do the same? This maybe some hassle for Microsoft, but we\’re the consumers, and we don\’t want hassles either.

  3. I agree with multi-touch. Surface Zune anyone? I\’m thinking something akin to the zune 30(but much thinner) with no obvious screen, just the double shot covering the entire device. But when you touch it specifically with your finger the screen turns on(watch surface videos to see what I mean). Adjust volume by sliding finger up or down the right side of the device, keep the rest of the stuff pretty much like it is now but add internet explorer 7(with the full-fledged webpage support but finger-friendly buttons) and a touchscreen keyboard for typing. Also allow use of either wifi or bluetooth headphones(wifi would be preferable since bluetooth and wifi being on would kill the battery dead). Finally, add to the entire product line the ability to store your computer\’s ip address and then sync it with your computer over the internet from any wifi spot. Make that and the ipod won\’t stand a chance.

  4. Just get gapless playback on there, I just don\’t get the lack of this feature. This is day one stuff children, many an artist, from many a genre never wanted an un-neccessary gap between tracks to ruin continuity of an album. Sony can do it, Microsofts dreaded Apple can do it, so why is this feature left out for the Zune. I hate conforming, so I didn\’t go for an I pod. Therefore escaping the technological automoton image of the ipod consumer. However, they have a point when basic features are left out, that is gapless playback.
    Someone high in the chain of command is not earning his salary.

  5. I reallly would like for them to make a playlist for videos. Everytime I want to watch my Family Guy, it is messed up. For example I am looking at my Zune videos right now and in this order, is my Family Guy videos, all season 5:::::1  11  14  17  18  2  3  4  5  7  9And so, I would like them to make a playlist that lets you edit them into a specific order such as 1 2 3…

  6. I can\’t believe the Zune doesn\’t have video playlists.  Why would anyone get an 80 gig video player, and not have any way to organize videos?  
    There needs to be video playlists that can be organized as another reader commented.  There also needs to be autoplay so you don\’t have to keep flipping back and forth.  Much as I love it, I\’m taking it back.  It\’s useless to me without the ability to organize.  I\’m incredibly disappointed because otherwise it was great…

  7. @(no name) : I already added video playlists and auto playlists. Personally, I think you should keep the Zune 80 which is already a sound enough device. Suppose an update comes soon with the features that you wanted? It might be kinda foolish to return it back for just 2 features.

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