The Best of WMP 11

 I can’t believe nobody talks about WMP 11. I mean, it’s the best media management/playback program ever.

There are many reasons why:

  • Tons of add-ons – Microsoft has this official developers site, and you can a ton of things from codecs (including DivX, etc.), visualizations, skins, etc. Find the site here.
  • Works with a ton of players and many online stores – One of the best things about the PlayForSure program. I just checked, and there’s at least 17 online stores to choose from. Amazing. Imagine how many PMP’s actually work with this.
  • Beautiful graphical UI – For the most part, the UI moves pretty swiftly, and graphically. It’s just a beauty
  • Less bloat than iTunes – iTunes takes forever to load up
  • Works fully in the Windows Taskbar – it’s amazing, works in mini-mode on the taskbar.
  • Simple to make quick playlists and auto playlists
  • Has visualizations/bar stacks
  • Media enhancement tools (Graphic Equalizer, SRS WOW effects)
  • Dynamic Search – a must-have feature. Type in a few letters, and results come up instantly as you type
  • Compact Mode is nifty – although I think taskbar mode is much more useful
  • Pane menus – comes really handy for drag-n’-drop stuff
  • Plays DVD’s! – Love that feature.

That’s off the top of my head. Probably more if you dig deeper.

Here’s some of my favorite things on WMP 11:

Playing a song on WMP 11 with gorgeous visualizations. ^^

PayPlay.FM is one of my favorite online stores. It’s so easy to use. And you can choose between a high quality WMA or a DRM-free MP3

Do you see that Color Chooser box on my player? That’s one of the many neat tools you can use to display the audio and video parameters. Pretty neat. It works really well. Click on the arrows for more choices.

This is Taskbar mode. As you can see, it works fully functional right from the taskbar. You can even view a video with it. Comes in handy when you multi-task and surf on the web.

Large Video thumbnails ^^

List view. I so wish I could show you Dynamic Search. Finds media instantly.

Full screen mode. ^^

Compact mode – much better than the iTunes version, but I still find myself using Taskbar mode more.

I also have a neat download that EVERY WMP 11 user should install.

It’s called Psychedelia. It’s pretty much a package of visualizations, but they are far better than anything you’ll find in WMP 11 by default. They have a Vista ‘aurora’ look to them, with swirling colors and ribbons and all. It’s much graphically better, and if you like that stuff, you can get it right here :

You can see some of the screenshots on Long Zheng’s site and download it there. I love it. Best visualization schemes ever. Same as the ones I used in my screenshots above.

It’s a wonder why Microsoft didn’t include that in the first place.

Well I thought I should share with you some of my favorite things about WMP 11.

It’s by far the most best media managing program out there right now, and if Microsoft could just tweak it some more, it would be the best.


3 thoughts on “The Best of WMP 11

  1. I love wmp 11 too, especially automaticly monitoring the folders which contains media files.
    But it could even better to me if two functions were added:
    1. minimize to system tray
    2. podcast
    But I think Taskbar mode is pretty annoying, especially when mouse hovering, the visulisation comes out automaticly…
    Anyway it\’s the best under Windows, and the sound quality is gorgeous.

  2. @quik boy: You\’re welcome 🙂
    @ii.Mr.Y.H.Bian : Yeah I put out a list of new features I want in WMP 12, and podcasting is like #2 or #3 I think.
    I really like taskbar mode, but I guess an option to turn that off would help. Not sure how it would work out in the system tray.

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