– no real name – is a pretty sucky site and so is Windows Live Betas

Another classic example of how Microsoft just doesn’t "get" how websites are suppose to work.


That’s the current homepage (as of 11/24/07) of Isn’t that such a blechy homepage? I’ll point out the mistakes:

  1. No Windows Live Orb in the left header – Shouldn’t Windows Live be a more unified search & service? Like how about putting the Windows Live Orb across the header of ALL pages?
  2. Classic "human snapshots" add in – doesn’t Microsoft get it? Throwing some photographs of ‘real’ people will only attract first attention to the people in the photo, than what else is on the page. And then there’s thoughts like "Oh, I can’t believe they actually put her in there" or "What’s the point of these photos?" and so on and so on. Putting a real human is only done well in videos, usually. Otherwise, just use simplistic humanoid icons.
  3. Doesn’t offer ALL the current Windows Live offerings – Where’s Search, QnA, Translator, Maps and all the other Live goodies? Yeah, another pretty pointless page if you can’t "get" all the Windows Live stuff.
  4. Icons! Where’s the icons? – How come only a few of them actually have icons? Icons are pretty important. They’re sort of a visual representation of a program/service a user may want to know. But only a few have actual icons? Sad.

That’s some of the basic stupidities of the site.

Here’s a page for describing Live Hotmail:


Mistakes? Well, you have that stupid picture of a girl. Features are lackluster sounding – there’s nothing really eye-catching, just a boring text list of features. Maybe if it said "30 reasons to get Live Hotmail" with screenshots of each feature, and more bolder text with description, and some colors, it would really be representable. And the so-called features list doesn’t represent all the the capabilities of Live Hotmail sadly. I know you can do much more than that. There’s not even a Live Hotmail icon on the page. Really useful, huh?

Oh, and let’s take a look at Windows Live Betas.

Pretty much the same mistakes as the first one. Throwing in a stupid grinning guy on the front page – WRONG. No Windows Live Orb. Relatively little info. And why are there extra link in the box on the right? Couldn’t those betas be dropped on the main page as well? Microsoft just has to make it a few steps further than it should be.

Ok, enough Windows Live ranting. Just had to get that out. Does anyone agree with me? I mean, are these sites just so ridiculously dumb?

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