Features wishlist for the Xbox 3rd generation


I’ll be honest, I’m not a console gamer. Frankly, I don’t have the time to spend hours wasting away in front of a TV screen. I use those hours on the Internet 🙂

Well anyways, even I did do console games, the Xbox 360 would probably be my top choice.

I find the Xbox 360 puts itself in a nice good all-around gaming console. I mean, really, the Xbox 360 can do a ton of stuff.


  • Plays the largest # of games, compared to Wii and PS3.
  • Cost effective (variety of prices, though too many choices can be overkill)
  • Nice design
  • Best online platform – Xbox Live – nothing beats that, for now
  • Awesome UI
  • Variety of extra peripherals, that also work with Windows PC’s
  • Does HD-DVD with an add-on
  • Great customer service
  • Large online community
  • Many popular exclusive games
  • Tons of faceplate customization
  • Availability
  • Media Center integration

I could go on and on. Wii is also pretty neat too, for just plain having fun, for everyone. PS3 is my least favorite. Even though it has great specs, the other things are rather lacking. So it’s a non-er for the PS3.

Microsoft usually learns many mistakes from it’s first gen products, and fixes them pretty well in the 2nd gen. That’s nice, though I would feel more confident if they could do so well the 1st time, like Apple does.

So what am I looking for in the 3rd generation of the Xbox platform? Well:

  • Portable version – Not sure how this would work out. It could just be as simple as putting a games section on the Zune, and be an extension of Xbox Live. Or maybe there will be a separate portable Xbox player. Or maybe you’ll find it on WinMo phones. Who knows. Apple does well, because ALL their products are branded Apple, but Microsoft keeps platforms separate, and it can be hard to merge them seamlessly. It will be interesting how this would work out.
  • 45nm chips – I heard these chips would be much more efficient than the older chips currently in Xbox’s. People want that.
  • Better hardware – some of the faults of the Xbox 360 "Red Ring of Death" problems can be contributed to the hardware. Like BSOD’s are related to hardware. Quality hardware would solve that really easy.
  • Slimmer console hardware – Slim never hurts
  • More ports – More USB ports, HDTV, whatever you call them. More ports are cool.
  • HDMI port and include the cable – I hate having to buy the cable separately
  • Built-in next gen DVD format – dual-player? Or maybe just HD-DVD? Either would be fine. Though it might add a hefty price tag…
  • WiFi – Built-in WiFi would be pretty useful
  • internet browser – with Flash and other formats built-in to avoid problems. Maybe it can also sync with IE…
  • killing off of Microsoft Points
  • heavier push for "downloadable" games, instead of scratchable discs.
  • Complete backwards compatibility – if a person’s old games can work on there, and get new games as well, that would be great
  • Just 1 SKU only – please do not give multiple SKU’s. It’s confusing, and destroys the value of the product. Just ONE great version is all we need.
  • Voice recognition
  • Touch controllers
  • Blu-Ray support – BluRay won, HD-DVD died, so it’s safe to pick BluRay. Personally, I’d put this feature on the most ‘elite’ version of Xbox (I and most people don’t do BluRay, period).
  • Hard drive in ALL Xbox consoles – 40GB should be the minimum. And make it possible to go up to 300GB or even store on an external hard drive.
  • Gamerscore and Gamertag transferable to other Xbox consoles – Very important if you want to upgrade to a new Xbox. Make it simple.
  • More better physical design – Make it sleek and sexy, instead of kid-like and playful. I like the Xbox 360 Elite, because of it’s neat black matte finish. Stuff like backlit buttons, more slim, ease in connect ports, and more color choices would be nice too.
  • More support for other devices – If I connect my flash drive, MP3 player, or cell phone or whatever in, I’d like to be able to play any music/video/picture file, and maybe even read documents…
  • Windows Media Center – Make the set-up even simpler, and easy to control with the Xbox controllers. Also, make Netflix "officially" work through it.

That’s the best I could think of. Can you think of anymore? If so, add a comment.

Maybe it will tempt me to buy one. But for now, I’ll just stick to regular board games, or PC games.


7 thoughts on “Features wishlist for the Xbox 3rd generation

  1. Less Red Lights :)The Xbox 360 encounters problems at a much higher rate than all other consolesGamerscore and gamertag transferable from the 360I don\’t want to lose gamerscore and achievementsMore memory for basic version consoleThe 360 has little memory with the basic consoles – this is annoying if you wish to save lots of games to the hard drive…And yes even though the elite is available the basic 360 consoles still should of had more memoryAccess to other gadgetsmy Ipod wont connect to the 360 along with many other gadgets…the 3rd Xbox should have more compatibilityBetter physical designthe PlayStation 3 in my opinion is winning this battle at the moment – it looks awesome….the 3rd xbox should counter it\’s look with an even better one

  2. @QuikboyNice post! I\’ve been thinking about purchasing an XBox 360 for some time now. I\’m not a gamer at all (though I could be tempted I think), but I definitely am more interested in it\’s Media Centre connections and now it\’s Netflix connections. I totally agree with you about incorporating the dominating format for DVD Playback as well as much larger (or perhaps user replaceable) storage built in. WiFi at the fastest throughput spec would be nice. As my partner and I look for a new home, we find that most new construction leaves no place for the television except above the fireplace on the wall. But who wants to see a pile of cable box, dvd player, home theatre audio boxes sitting all on top of the mantlepiece with a mass of cables and wires? One simple, elegantly designed XBox (connected to a Media Centre PC in the home office) will do nicely.

  3. The PS3 has everything on your wish list already except for exclusive games and Xbox Live, which are definitley the most important things. This causes the PS3 to fail. They went into the future by cutting corners like the fundamentals of online play.

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