Top 10 reasons to use Live Search instead of Google

I use Live Search. I don’t like Google, because it’s SO bland, and I’ve noticed the results are starting to get less relevant in some areas. Other people I’ve heard are thinking the same.

Here’s what I really like about Live Search:

1) Clean, simple page with nice UI – The page is very clean to me. It’s simple, and doesn’t show a bunch of nonsense on it. It’s also aesthetically nice. It just works.

2) It’s speedy – Well, actually, most search engines ‘seem’ to be speedy. But Live Search is also very speedy, and that’s still a positive.

3) Instant Answers – One thing that truly sets it apart from other search engines. Like for example, if you type:

"Houston traffic" or "Houston commute" you get:


"2049 + 4322 – 50 X 3" you get:

"Chicago pizza" or "pizza Chicago" you get:


"Jessica Alba"

"14th state"

"MSFT UHS TWX stock"

"definition token"

"9th largest country in the world"


Better stop before I go overboard with this. It’s pretty useful.

4) Related Search – I like related search links to the right.

If I’m looking for something, but I’m not certain, suggested search links might help me narrow it down. It’s not as annoying as Y!’s Search Assistant, and as balloon prompted as Ask’s. I’ve found it helped me in the pass to find specific things.

5) Quick Links to other Windows Live services – If you use a lot of Windows Live stuff, the search page also takes you to other Windows Live sites fast. On the header bar, are links to "Home", "Hotmail", "Spaces" and "OneCare". Unfortunately, the Live Orb only takes you to, instead of a drop down menu of other services, like you may usually see. Maybe they’ll fix that. It’s all in the header.


6) Video Search – One of the best Live Search categories. Video thumbnails actually PLAY when you hover over them. Short clips that is (where is this in MSN Video?). You can filter your results by length, date/relevance, and display them in list or thumbnail view. You can even add a star to the ones I like, and see My Favorites anytime I want. (where this for web search results?). VERY useful. This team deserves 5 stars.

7) Image Search – Also one of Live Search’s best and brightest. The results have thumbnail pics, and you can practically scroll endlessly without pressing a link to the next page. Hover hover a thumbnail, and you get the options to go directly to the source, add to ScratchPad, and even put feedback on it. You can filter by image size, and by using the slider to view the how big you want to see them. The ScratchPad also works great for saving stuff, and finding them later. Another ingenious thing from Live Search.

8) Book Search – Even though it’s still in beta (as of 11/25/07), it’s pretty neat. The layout is clean, and navigating is very simple to do. Search in books, and search in the books. Download entire books. It’s all perfect, but wished they had contemporary books as well. At least, even a sample of a contemporary book, and a link to buy it somewhere. That would be nice. I can see Microsoft going into eBooks.

9) Extended branch links – Ok, so Google has had this for awhile. But it’s nice for Microsoft to finally put this in. Anyways, it’s a postive feature, and it’s very helpful, and I like it. You see this on a lot of the major sites.

10) Advanced Search & Options menu – I find them to be far better than Google’s. Live’s Advanced Menu appears instantly on the page, instead of a separate page. Though Google’s offers more options, I find Live’s to be quite adequate, and very straightforward to use. Both Google and Live offer the exact same things, in their user options page, but I find Live’s to be more friendlier to use, and Google’s to have a pretty ugly page. Live options are also worded better as well. So Live overall wins in this category as well.

That’s my top 10 reasons why I love to use Live Search. Hopefully, this helps give you some insight, without boring you to death. Sorry for the super long Instant Answers reason, but I thought I should show as many as I could think of, to show the possibilities.

So give it a try yourself :


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