See Windows Vista site has been dead for awhile – now replaced by Windows Vista Innovation Cafe


There used to be this awesome site, before Vista’s launch, called "See Windows Vista". It had this sophisticated looking guy (with beard and glasses) go through all of the cool things that could be accomplished on Vista. These were mainly specific program made for very specific businesses and research, and even education, though they weren’t targeted to everybody. A lot of cool visual stuff, but I didn’t really see anything of real use for ME out of it. I never even see them in real life. But it was VERY cool what these applications could ‘seem’ to do, and that was awesome enough.

But for month, "See Windows Vista" has been down. Probably because none of that stuff happened. Or were described as too wistfully. So they took the whole site down, sadly.

Now they replaced it with something called "Windows Vista Innovation Cafe". I find it quite lame compared to the old site. It’s uses Flash, but it does so in a very slow way, and I find a LOT of lag when going through it. So annoying. It also uses a lame Microsoft-scenario place, where people randomly walk up to this laptop in this cafe, and play around with some interesting programs. Dumb! Dumb scenario. Just show us the neat programs, not the lame cafe background. Ugh.

Well anyways, it has MOST of what was in the original "See Windows Vista" site.

Some of the companies involved are:

Well those are the companies so far.

Notably missing are :

  • AMG-Mercedes – site with test driving Mercedes cars in a "3D-like" experience
  • AREVA – had to do with nuclear energy mapping software
  • 90 Degree Software – Couldn’t remember this one

I thought the site was rather weak. The video demos are pretty slow to load up, you have to click a lot, and some of the demos are pretty confusing. Like I would never get how that would work, or why that’s so complicated. Some of them also lack a nice polish.

I just really hate the lame cafe scene. I mean, goofy smiles on those peoples’ faces? Using the same laptop (no name brand), that’s also pretty ugly? Ok, I mean this is LAME. That’s the best way I can emphasize this.

BUT, at least it shows some neat demos. Demos MOST people will NEVER use, but at least they look interesting. Most use WPF/Silverlight in them. I thought that was neat.

But I still think the whole "See Windows Vista" site was a MUCH more better and entertaining site. Sad to see it go.

So here’s the site :

Have fun.


5 thoughts on “See Windows Vista site has been dead for awhile – now replaced by Windows Vista Innovation Cafe

  1. After reading your profile, I don\’t suppose you\’re a Windows enthusiast? However, the first thing I see in your photo slideshow is a screenshot of Leopard, so you may also be an Apple fan. So which one are you? =P
    I used to like everything Microsoft does, and still do but to a lesser extent. Windows Vista is more secure but also more irritating to me (which is why I dumped it and reverted to XP). Windows Live Spaces is a lot buggier and less stable than MSN Spaces. Windows Live Messenger sometimes does not render status names properly. The array of the new Windows Live applications is next to useless (The Photo Gallery is the only thing that looked good, but turned out to deliver little).
    At least Silverlight seems to be promising. I tried a few Silverlight games and was impressed. We\’ll see if it will be the Flash killer as rumoured. Also, I look forward to Microsoft\’s table computing which is quite neat and riveting at first sight.
    Finally, I absolutely agree with the new Vista Innovation Cafe site. Though it still looks really good. =]

  2. Thanks for commenting Lammy. I can be impartial to both sides.
    I\’m NOT a Windows enthusiast. There\’s some things I like about Microsoft, and I blog about them. There\’s also things I don\’t like about Microsoft, and I blog about that.
    I was comparing Apple and Microsoft site with the Leopard screenshot, and showing how Microsoft\’s site is really sucky compared to Apple\’s.
    Not sure about Vista yet. Can you tell me how it\’s "irritating"? But I really like Windows Live stuff, I think they have good stuff going there if you really try it out, and are patient to notice some nifty things.
    I like Live Spaces, I don\’t really find it unstable, but of course it still needs more improvements to be mainstream in the U.S. Can you go into more detail about how WLM doesn\’t render status names right? I actually like WLM compared to the other IM clients out there, it just does more functions. I kind of like WL Photo Gallery, mainly because it\’s free, and it works for the most part. I used the tools, and I could make an HDR effect on my photos. And it wasn\’t hard.
    Silverlight is interesting, but I\’m waiting for it to be more completed and used more.
    So thanks for commenting. I appreciate them.

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