Where’s the Zune 80’s? And where’s international support?

I had to chuckle when retail stores didn’t have Zune 80’s because they were "sold out". But I kind of expected them here by now.

So where are they?

Barely any retail stores are offering it.

I think this had to do with some manufacturing problems that came with the Zune 80, and I guess it’s taking a while to produce more Zune 80’s. Zune 4 and Zune 8 don’t appear affected however.

So I guess people can only wait until it makes it to stores, or buy online.

Now, here’s a bigger question, why are Zune’s sold outside the U.S.?

I remember reading that Microsoft didn’t think the Zune 30 wasn’t "good enough" to really throw around globally, so there’s a wait until they think they’re ready.

Well with the new Zune 2nd gen., and a lot of people around the world wanting to see it outside the U.S., I think the time really has come. The Zune is now considered a compelling product, good enough to beat the iPod.

If Microsoft keeps waiting, eventually these potential Zune owners will move on, and just get an iPod, and stick with it.

So why bother waiting? It’s just stupid. It just hurts the Zune’s and Microsoft’s reputation for international support. People in foreign countries don’t like that.

So I’m hoping more Zune 80’s will pop out into stores, and Microsoft gets on the ball with international support for Zunes.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Zune 80’s? And where’s international support?

  1. At first glance I thought you were referring to a special 1980\’s edition of Zune or something.
    An image of Pocket Rockers came to mind.

  2. @ Josh : lol. Where did that come from?
    I took the "Out of Stock" picture from a screenclip of what the Target site had to say about location of Zunes at local stores.

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