Outlook so far on WinMo 7 and WinMo 8


I don’t use a WinMo phone. I use a Sanyo Katana from Sprint. I just pretty much use it for calls only. Then again, I really don’t use electronics at all outside of the house, or gizmos that is.

But personally, I find WinMo 6 a fine mobile OS. Does tons of functions, easy to find 3rd party apps. to make it tons more better, works across many nice phones, best mobile office suite, and a bunch of other things that’s nice and versatile about WinMo 6. (I prefer calling it WinMo, because Windows Mobile sounds so boring). But of course, that’s my opinion.

So Microsoft has released some new tidbits about upcoming WinMo versions. Of course, don’t always take any company’s words for granted, but I’m quite sure Microsoft knows that before telling us what’s up with WinMo:

WinMo 7:

    • Upgraded applications, including new SMS and email programs and essentially a port of the desktop version of Internet Explorer 6 (does this mean we still won’t have tabbed browsing?)
    • Zoomed web browsing features
    • Improved music and photo applications

WinMo 8:

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Global search feature
  • More intelligent connections between the phone and OS features. For example, dial a contact and bring up all recent emails from that person, see their address, and other contact info all at once.
  • Personally, I’d rather think Microsoft should push a new interface immediately in WinMo 7 than lollygag around until WinMo 8. Mobile phones are a really hot sell these days, and people want to do more things with their phones in an easy manner. Or maybe Microsoft is pushing a new interface in WinMo 8 to coincide with the release of Windows 7? Maybe Microsoft has a few tricks up their sleeves, and with the coming of WinMo 8 + Windows 7, will truly amaze people with some things Microsoft Research has kept hidden.

    WinMo 7 sounds like a nice small upgrade. Most people agree, their really needs to be a new SMS and e-mail program in. I was hoping more of an IE7-like mobile browser though. Pocket IE (PIE) has never been good. I was kind of expecting a mobile IE with tabs, synced favorites, synced RSS feeds, and super security. Zoomed web browsing features is a given need of course, as it’s probably Deepfish integrated. WMP 10 on WinMo (with the WMP 11 look-a-like skin) isn’t particularly that good, and a more streamlined and workable new WMP 11 is needed. Not sure that much about photos, but anything that too would help. Not quite sure, but I think there’s suppose to be a Media Center-like UI (crossbar UI) in the new WinMo. Saw it in a video once.

    WinMo 8 is really the thing we’re all wanting to look at. With a new redesigned UI, you really have to wonder what it’ll look like. Hopefully, it won’t be a copy of the iPhone UI. Though, the home screen of the iPhone, is really pretty much a glorified version of the program launcher in WinMo, with curved icons and everything. So maybe WinMo 8 will do something really new with the UI, like make it easier for causal users to really get into it. Or do something to make it work on small screens. Part of the iPhone’s good experience has to do with working on a large screen (multi-touch too). WinMo phones usually have cramped screens, and obviously squishing an OS on such a thing can be rather ugly. Or even better, make phones come out with larger screens optimized for WinMo 8 use.

    Not sure what global search feature is (got it from the site), but that sounds interesting.

    The last bullet sounds interesting, but how useful could that be? Sounds more like a better contact integration.

    So some of this stuff sounds good. Maybe WinMo 8 will be really revolutionary, given that Microsoft has plenty of time, and won’t try to fall behind again. Good news.

    Oh, and by the way, the WinMo site has awesome free ringtones! You really should give "Black Ice" a listen if it’s still there. Well, first you have to join something called a "Windows Mobile Owner Circle" – one of those little things Microsoft tries to make users feel they’re a part of – and that’s all you have to do.


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