IE8 passes the Acid2 test!


Yay! This is great news. Signs of Microsoft actually trying to make a better browser.

For those who don’t know, Acid2 is a test of standards compliance with HTML and CSS. Not every popular browser has passed this test, not even Firefox.

And this is a big step for Microsoft. Most of geeks out there would never expect Microsoft to do this. So it’s quite a surprise, and hits on my theory that IE8 will be something more revolutionary coming from Microsoft.

Past IE browsers didn’t do so well with supporting all scripts, and website designers have to bend around, and work extra hard to make their sites work in IE-specific sites only. That’s extra work not needed, but because many people use IE, they really HAVE to, or not bother making one at all. That’s why you always see them recommending Firefox or Opera, mainly because they do better on that issue.

So with IE8 being practically standards compliant, it means at least 2 big things:

  1. No more extra hard work for web developers/designers
  2. IE8 must be really something revolutionary

So, while the team is keeping a down-low on what’s to be expected, you can already guess that IE8 will be an interesting upgrade. Hopefully we can expect it that way.

This guy has a more clearer definition of what the Acid2 test really shows, and how what browsers should really be tested, more on a web design level, than standard, like:

  • Fonts – Please give me the ability to specify any font as part of the design of a page. Witout needing some Flash or substitution hack.
  • Rotation – Let me rotate box level elements, logos, fonts and other elements don’t always belong horizontal.
  • Vector graphics – (SVG please)
  • Masking – Give me the ability to obscure part of the page or part of an image with a masking element
  • Additional controls – Every website doesn’t need to re-invent the calendar control, the menu and tabs. These should be standard. This is good for accessibility and semantic markup.
  • Columns – Give me the ability to layout and display multiple columns without using a custom Javascript function.
  • Effects -All those nice things I can do in Photoshop… Shadow, Reflections, Flips, Gradients, Bevels… on and on.
  • Aliased content – When an image is scaled it gets pixelated because most browsers use nearest neighbor scaling. I’d like my images and text to be anti-alised for a smoother look and feel.

Good stuff there, he’s kinda right.

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