What will Microsoft do in 2008?


Well here’s a few of my guesses that might come true:

  1. An official release of Vista SP1 in January/February
  2. Official release of XP SP3 in May/June
  3. Windows Fiji (update to Vista with new Media Center) coming in late summer 08′
  4. Zune software program update in spring (and maybe even TV shows and movies?)
  5. WinMo 7 in early winter
  6. Real Microsoft Surface tables showing up in commercial retail establishments
  7. Complete Silverlight
  8. Finalizing Windows Live betas
  9. Revamp up the MSN sites (or just mostly sit there to garner ad revenues)
  10. Fix up the crummy Microsoft site once and for all (proper cohesive organization for starters)
  11. Lowering prices for Office 07′ and Vista
  12. Release of a new IE8 sometime
  13. Complete international support of Zune – or at least in Canada, Australia, and Europe
  14. Another big update to Live Search and Live Maps
  15. Next generation Xbox in the late fall, or at least news of new Xbox

Well at least I hope they come true. Most of my predictions on anything usually come true. So I see at least 9/15 of these to work.

So do you think these will happen or not?


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