Live Lyrics Search

Is there any search engine that recognizes songs lyrics? I don’t know of any good ones, and this is a great place for Windows Live to actually be NEW in.


Live Lyrics Search can find the correct song your trying to find.

Type in a most of the words you know, in the correct order you remember.

You can filter even more, by entering what artist it is, album title, and any other keywords in fields that you’re certain of.

Lyrics Search will return results that include the song title, artist name, and the section of the song highlighted where the key words stand.

I also hope that Microsoft will have several song lyrics pages stored somewhere. There’s not ONE really reliable internet site to actually get lyrics. Not without pop-ups, and spam that is.

Maybe Microsoft could store real accurate lyrics (and maybe with music notes too?) right on the Live Search site, or maybe MSN Music.

There probably will be ads, and maybe many will lead to MSN Music, or maybe the lyrics will actually be displayed on MSN Music. That would tie some integration real well right?

Here are some key points I hope Live Lyrics Search will address:

      • Be able to filter to exactly what song you want – By having blanks in fields to type known keywords under artist, song title, maybe other stuff as well. It always helps to be able to filter exactly.
      • Have all complete lyrics right on Microsoft servers – Don’t want to be redirected to those awful so-called lyrics site. The ones that are filled with pop-ups and such. Hopefully, all these lyrics will appear right on Live Search, OR the MSN Music site. Makes great sense to do it there.
      • Have complete accurate lyrics.
      • Possibility of downloading them via Word doc.
      • Maybe there could be music notes along with them – like a version to play on the piano, guitar, violin, etc. Microsoft could also sell them about 50 cents each or something. That would be killer to find a real site to buy music sheets separate instead of a book.
      • Print option
      • Downloading lyrics formatted for Zune – Where the lyrics play/scroll right along in tune with the music when you’re playing your Zune. Sort of like karaoke. The could be an extra 30 or 40 cents or something. Nice to have the option at least.

Live Lyrics Search will be a real killer search feature, and can bring Live Search to MANY users.

Maybe the Windows Live team will get wise, and invest in it before Google or Y! do.


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