+ Windows Live/MSN?

                                                + = ?

I got a tip telling me of a possible partnership with Microsoft and A9, the parent company that owns

Could there be a possibility of some possible integration with Amazon and Windows Live/MSN?

It’s not like both companies hate each other. A9 uses Windows Live Search. Live Spaces uses its Music and Books modules, where users can search for images of book covers and album art, and links provided go directly to Amazon’s site.

So why not partner?

I could see it happen 2 ways. One if it’s just a simple partnership:

  • Allowing of Amazon’s MP3 Downloads service from Zune Marketplace (to add more to what’s already available)
  • MSN Shopping site is dead
  • Direct downloads of Microsoft software (Windows, Office, etc.) from the site – not like Microsoft has a real store site anyways
  • Amazon Unbox Movies and TV shows available on Zune/Xbox Marketplace for rental or purchase (or just make the Zune a PlayForSure device in the first place!)
  • Live ID’s have a more better centralized account, and have less issues signing-in with the site
  • Advertising from Microsoft (blech)

Now if Microsoft actually manages to buy

  • Amazon MP3 Downloads service is directly placed in Zune Marketplace (without need for the Amazon label)
  • Amazon Unbox also gets ported directly to Zune Marketplace and becomes the place buy/rent movies and TV shows for Zune
  • A slight site make-over (Amazon still looks cluttered with useless junk on every product page)
  • Silverlight on some parts of the website
  • MSN Shopping site is still dead
  • Live ID users get extras, to encourage people to use the Live platform but not have to
  • Direct downloads of Microsoft software from the site
  • Kindle gets rebranded to Live eBook? Or get eBooks directly from Zune Marketplace for Zunes?

I could see this as a big boost for Amazon to be noticed by even a larger audience. Microsoft could finally have an online shopping site to possibly trash MSN Shopping with, and integrate classifieds (Live Expo) with.

Now I doubt a partnership with Amazon means any radical changes to the site. Like you definitely won’t see Windows Live Amazon take place. Or a deep Live ID necessity. Just minor things like ads when searching, better integration with Live services, and things like that. Where Amazon and Windows Live act more like a cohesive force.

And hopefully, if does buddy up a bit with Windows Live, maybe they should reconsider giving the site a more simplified look. There’s a bazillion pieces of useless junk on a product page that’s not needed.

Maybe the popular Amazon MP3 service will also be accessible through the Zune Marketplace?

There could be many possibilities with an + Windows Live/MSN partnership. I would love to see that.


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