Links for 01-19-07

Some interesting links I found:

  • Latest sites to upgrade to Virtual Earth platform –, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Coldwell Banker are the latest sites to utilize the VE platform.
  • Windows 7 preview – Here’s an interesting look at the future of Windows 7. A mix of possibly Surface computing, sync anywhere integration, smart home features, etc. Shows a demo of what it would look like. Watch the video.
  • Comparing WLPG Panoramic Stitch tool to paid professional ones – A very great comparison of how WLPG photo stitching tool compares with an expensive one. Lots of photos and details.
  • Neat Silverlight site – A French Microsoft TechDays 2008 site has a neat Silverlight site. Sort of resembles a Surface-like interface. Where you can stretch video thumbnails, drag and drop, etc. Pretty neat. (Be aware : site is in French and takes a while to load)
  • Organize your IE7 favorites – DownloadSquad has a great IE7 article about managing favorites.

Give these a read.


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