The so-called Windows 7 leaks

There was a ridiculous video about Windows 7 M1.

But to me, it seriously looks like a joke.

I mean the whole things screams "Vista!!!". It even says Vista on Media Center.  6.1 is reminiscent of Vista. NOT the 7 I’m looking for.

But, there are ‘some’ people who say that this is how all pre-versions of the next Windows OS is usually like. Like how Longhorn (which became eventually Vista) looked a whole lot like XP at first.

But even then, this video shows NOTHING at all significant about Win7. I mean, that must be humiliating to Microsoft. One, somebody leaks their new OS already. Or 2, somebody leaks a fake and embarasses Microsoft with it.

Whether it’s real or not, shame on that guy for posting up such a video.

a) Shows nothing new besides a Win7 logo.

b) Leaking a company’s product way before it’s going to be released is a no-no

c) You’re a loser for posting it, just to get darn attention

That’s it. I have a couple of "real" Windows 7 concepts though in my next post. They look like they’re created officially be Microsoft, and seem to be a teaser at what’s coming in Windows 7.

So please, IGNORE this guy’s video. Not like the tech media hasn’t.

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