Shared Community Living – possible future housing development in the future

As Americans, many of us live in the suburbs of America. You know what a suburb is, the area between the country and the city?

You’ll usually find families or middle-aged couples living in these homes. Where usually the parents work, the kids go to school, driving a car is the main transportation, maintaining green lawns, and other pieces of suburbia life.

But as humans evolve and change overtime, so does there living habits. Many urban futurists predict a movement, at least a slow movement, towards more condensed and robust city centers. No more of the ‘wasteful’ suburbian life we once had, but a new kind of living. A living that would be more beneficial, than as it is now.

What we’re talking about here is Shared Community Living. This kind of living is where a big group of multiple people all live in the same dwelling, and share many of the necessities, features, tools, amenities, and other things offered at the dwelling. This isn’t something new. Dormitories are very similar to this lifestyle. Sometime large families (prevalently Hispanic ones in the US) also live in the same dwelling and coexist together. This is also done in many countries around the world already.

Urban futurists are looking at SCL in a different way. In a more modern way than what we take it as now. Futurists are dreaming the concept of SCL in a different way.

So here’s the basic concept in mind : Imagine a nice 3-story complex that’s set around pretty close to central area of the city. The complex is as very eco-friendly as the come as well as aesthetically pleasing. Around 40-60 inhabitants live here. All of them have separate nicely spacious bedrooms. The large kitchen zone, bathroom zone, and other zones are shared.

Notice I said zone, instead of room. Because with up to 40-60 inhabitants, I doubt a room would suffice. So the kitchen has practically all the perks (plus extras!) of your average new suburbian kitchen. But instead of you having to pay for it all, you get to share the cost of the whole thing among other inhabitants. So you’re paying a relatively small fraction for a nice kitchen, but you’ll have to share it. But you can share 4 mega-ultra refrigerators, induction cooktops, and other stuff that would cost a lot to pay your own.

Same with the bathroom zone. It’s not a danky area of a shared complex. Touchless controls, sensors, clean smell emitters, and all the latest modern conveniences in the bathroom are shared in use as well as the cost. Very cost effective, but you still get nice features in your bathroom zone! I think they’ll be separated between men and women though.

Then there’s the entertainment zone. A pool table of two, several large flatscreens TV’s, foosball table, video console, gameboard cabinet, etc. And again, you’re sharing the cost with other people. So you get more bang for your buck.

Then there’s your own area of the house : the bedroom. Each room should have enough space for a bed, a desk and a dresser. Standard features include built-in bookcase, nice big window, semi walk-in closet, ceiling fan, several outlets, etc.

There are many benefits to SCL:

  • Cost effective
  • Get access to many nice features
  • Very social setting to live in
  • Friends can live very close by
  • Nice dwelling

Thought there are a few cons:

  • Not much privacy
  • Inhabitants might hog some areas
  • Setting is fit more for singles, not kids
  • Limited space for belongings

The cons are pretty simple to solve though. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep to himself, just don’t live there. Or at least you have your own bedroom to keep locked in under.

Some people might hog the area. Tell them nicely to not take up so much. Set clear space of what’s yours, like YOUR soda in the fridge with a permanent marker. Tell people to respect the amenities that cost relatively low in the first place.

Even if you do get to know people well, it might be scary to leave your kid(s) alone where anyone can mess with them. And there might be um ‘some’ things you might not want your kid to blunder in with the inhabitants of the house. So get a townhome or a real apartment/condo.

The only real sure spot to keep your things in check is your bedroom. But there should be ample room to really have all the things you need. Things in the future are more digital anyways, so you’re just mainly looking for laptop/desktop space.

So SCL looks like a pretty nice way of living urbanly in the future. What do you think?


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