Want to help an organization? Try playing games on Live Search Club

I stopped playing Live Search Club months ago. I got bored with it, and the prizes weren’t that compelling. There was this one game I wanted, but it seemed to take forever to get there. So I gave up. Can you blame me?


I just checked out the site again to see if anything changed, and guess what? It did. Now they added a few games, but most importantly, you can support an organization of your choice. It’s really cool.

Go to the Search and Give page. Go to the My Charity Setting on one of the links. From there, you can find names of charities by entering in the name of the charity, the city you live in (US only), or the zip code. There’s a TON to choose from.

Then you go on over to step #4 and put the percentage of tickets that you want to give out of your total game winnings. It has to be between 0-100 of course.

Accept the Terms and Conditions. Save Settings.


There. Now any game you play, your donations will come through. Here are the new games I noticed:

EnLIVEnment : A play on words between Live (Windows Live) and the Enlightment (democratic thinking period). There’s a painting and you drag your cursor (which plays as a magnifying class) and find some ‘hidden’ things in the picture. If you find something, a little box says you found something and you click your mouse. That launches a Live search, and that gives you a point. You throw your cursor and click until you found all 40. Easy-peasy. This is an easy way of getting 40 fast tickets.

Search Queries : I thought this was rather entertaining. Some professor was creating the ultimate Search queries, but some blackout happened and they all escaped. So you, as the Internet ‘Explorer’ (pun!), has to find out where all the queries are using riddles and Live Search. At first it was interesting, but the riddles were obtuse for me, and the search really didn’t help much at all. So maybe if you’re good at riddles, this is a game for you. I didn’t finish it.

Red Carpet Reveal : The goal of this game is to solve 5 riddles involving pop culture, and the answers to the riddles are all related to one person and you have to guess who it is. A good game for people in tuned with pop culture. You get 10 pts.

There are also 3 other games I didn’t try:

Spelling Bee : "Sweet sticky fun is only a mouse click away! In Spelling Bee, your goal is to spell as many words as possible using the letters tucked into the honeycomb. Spell enough words in a round and you’ll move on to the next beehive."

Star Shuffle : "Get to the top of the charts with this word scramble challenge! Each puzzle features an anagram of a famous name – put all the letters in order to discover the hidden talents."

Word Slugger : "In Word Slugger, your goal is to spell as many words as possible. Each baseball on the field is marked with a letter. Spell a word by typing the letters or click the baseballs in the correct order. Bat in enough words and move on to the next round."

So if you really want to help out an organization, this is a good way of doing so. At the same time, you can also get prizes with the money you saved for yourself and find out new interesting things. Give it a try : http://club.live.com/


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