Microsoft Digital Lifestyle in a video

So here’s a pretty interesting video about a dude and him using MS Products practically everywhere. Here’s the video:

The sad thing is, is that this guy is WAY too hooked to technology. Everywhere, he uses some device. It’s kinda sad.

I also don’t get why he’s goofing off at work, why someone would be fixing photos at a party, or any of the other nonsense things. I’m surprised they didn’t even show SYNC, and the Windows Live stuff looked like the UI a year ago.

I could name a lot of the stuff he uses that are Microsoft-related, but I’ll leave that up to you to watch.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Digital Lifestyle in a video

  1. Well you\’re right about a full living of techonology like the guy in the video, is just too much. The situation would be normal or acceptable if you don\’t know the place where you are and I think is the case of this guy, in fact the guy get in in the wrong apartment when he arrives.

    The thing that call my attention, not in the video but Microsoft products, is that even the iPhone has more features shared with Sync than the Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile is a great OS but too old and the only way Microsoft makes a real upgrade of this OS is that Apple release a much nice OS to the public, this is the thing sometimes I hate from Microsoft, they always need to be pushed by the competiton to release much better products otherwise they only make elementals upgrades
    About Vista, I like it! but it could be much better!.
    Greetings and thanks for add me to your friend list!

  2. Thanks DRH. I agree about Microsoft needing strong competition to work harder. But I guess if any company were in the monolithic position of MS, I too would think they might fall apart in organization and responsibilities/priorities after awhile. I don\’t think WinMo is that bad, but it could stand a definite improvement. Hopefully the so-called leak WinMo 7 plans are real.

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