What’s still missing in IE8?

There’s still a lot of thing I feel that’s still missing in IE8 as of now. I really hope most of my list makes it into IE8 before final release:

  • Skins support – Is it that hard to make skins for IE? I’m ok with the default, but it doesn’t hurt for some customization.
  • Support for Mac & Linux – You really can’t be a friendly company without showing full support for everybody.
  • Mobile version – At least one for WinMo. Make it nice and have syncable settings.
  • Built-in inline spell check – Is that too hard also?
  • Better inline search – There is inline search in both IE7 & IE8, but you have to dig through the search box option to find it, and I don’t like how it displays found words.
  • Live "Tab" Thumbnails – Hover over a tab bar, see an image of it instantly
  • Tabbing History – past tab links
  • Source code – view web page source code (think Opera)
  • Dynamic zoom – Think of the zooming feature in Office 2007
  • More better support for add-ons
  • Better IE-specific site to showcase user-made skins, add-ons, Web Slices, Activities, etc. And a way to review, rate, check the specs, and comment on specific ones. And a developer profile network could help too.
  • Option to place Favorites back in the tabs and other bar.
  • Extend either the address bar or the search box (vice versa).

That’s all I can think of. Any better ideas?


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