New look for Live Search results?

I couldn’t help but spot this as I was searching a few minutes ago:



Could this be the latest new updated look for Live Search? It’s not official yet, but I might have stumbled upon that by accident. And to tell you the truth, I actually like it better. Why?

Well it’s super simple than the current big bar UI. The top bar is more minimized and practical. There’s the really cute magnifying glass next to the search box. And the other good stuff is also the same. Though it would be neat if the orb would still function as it is, and you could see your display icon next to your username on the right. I would mind those larger sized.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is far better than the current look? Tell me your opinion. I always thought the top bar took up way too much space.


4 thoughts on “New look for Live Search results?

  1. Congratulations on finding this!
    I still don\’t really get how the website decides wether you can see the new look or not.
    I had to refresh like 20 times until I could finally see the new look, but then on the next search it just went back to normal and took a long time to load it again.
    Let\’s hope they stick with the new one for longer soon!

  2. Thanks Anchel. It really feels nice to get discovered and be recognized. I recently lost sight of the new look though too. I kept refreshing but, it appears gone for good for me.
    I hope they keep the new look. It\’s a step in the right direction.

  3. I hope they are just trying to cut back on bandwidth or are in the process of making some other larger change because I don\’t really like it. I didn\’t necessarily like the previous blue bar but I think this one looks worse. I had always thought the greatest designs concepts were the ones that looked the simplest while in actually being the most creative and complex. Sort of going along with that idea that those who are masters at what they do make it look easy. I caught this at download squad btw. Thanks.

  4. @George : Well I guess not everybody can be happy.
    I guess it does kind of look just too bland and simple, like Google\’s, which is why I kinda disliked Google\’s search for awhile. But I think this is the step in the right direction.
    I just love that they brought back the magnifying glass icon button (something a lot of users loved!), and the buttons/links at the top don\’t take up too much unnecessary space that makes it even a split second longer to load.
    There are refinements that I would love to see like a real Windows Live \’Orb\’ that worked and showed access to the other Live services, and a person\’s display icon next to their username. That and among other things that Live Search could do to be better. But this update doesn\’t seem to be finished yet, since Image and Video have the older UI. 

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