Live Search News gets a revamped look

With the latest Live Search UI update, comes a new news search layout.


In the past, you would just see a simple list.


With the new update, there’s some more with the results now. Things like:

  • News article pictures – pictures associated with the article in the result are shown
  • Simple search filter – getting results either by their relevance OR recentness
  • Refine by location or category
  • Related searches of search term

Quite a nice update. I still think Google does News Search better, but we’ll have to wait and see if there’s more.

Things I wish Live News Search would do:

  • Better refinement filters – By recentness, I could want something in the last hour, the latest day, the latest week, etc. Relevance can done by opting out words that I don’t want to associate with, probing for specific words, etc.
  • Archives – I might want to view a news article from 3 years ago. Google does an awesome job of pulling out articles from newspaper sites’ archives
  • RSS feeds or Live Alerts – That too would be very helpful if you want to keep up with the latest news on a certain topic
  • Blog Search – Offer blog searching. Blog posts are kind of news in itself. Partner with Technorati or something. Just get a blog search going.
  • Site’s Favicon/Icon–  Sometimes I don’t like certain news sites, and seeing their icon helps me identify which ones to avoid, and which ones to read from.

I hope this means more updates from Live.


2 thoughts on “Live Search News gets a revamped look

  1. That\’s nice. Where WinLive really exceeds in image and video search, Google still seems to have the lead on news search. But it\’s nice to see News search get an update. Maybe it will get better.

  2. I think they are looking more like their comptetitors, "GOOGLE"  I think it should look more appealing.

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