Microsoft purchases Yahoo! for a cool $42 billion

Wow. It’s a bit late, but it seems that Yahoo! has finally relented and agreed to the acquisition. I guess they were just feeling tired of all the chaos it’s been causing their shareholders.

Nothing much more has been reported about this merger, but it looks like the land of MSN/WinLive and the land of Yahoo! are about to collide.

I doubt that the transition will be easy, but eventually a perfect mixture of the two will come out. I mean, if you spent billions of dollars on a merger, would you be dumb to completely change it up to see all previous users go to another place? You have to balance it right to make sure this deal won’t make previous users feel that they should opt-out.

Then again, since this is April Fools Day, this whole news post wasn’t even real. 😛

Lame April Fools post, I know. But I didn’t have enough time to prepare today. Oh well. Better luck next year.


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