Does anyone else find tabs in Windows Live Messenger a bit useless?

Tabs were a new thing that came in WLM over MSN, and they seemed nice at first.

But now that I’ve given some thought about it, I think they’re just plain useless. Most average users will just use the IM client to chat. None of this "tab" stuff. I rarely ever look at them myself.

Plus I always find that the tabs change a LOT every time you use it. Sometimes the pictures are changed up a bit (in some cases, weirdly), tabs seem to change in order without your consent, and it’s just annoying.

The only tabs I find at all useful are : Contacts, Live Favorites, Live Alerts, and that’s really about it.

Here are some of the reasons why I hope the next major version of WLM discontinues the tabbing thing:

  • Most tabs are essentially ads – If you really look at them, most of them are just ads trying to get you to try an MSN site or other service
  • The "ad" tabs are just simply ads with links – As if there weren’t enough ads on the client, these tabs are just ads as well. Some pictures, description of what it does, and a link to the site. In other words, an ad.
  • Tabs are nothing compared to an internet browser – Most of these things can be looked up on the internet or on a widget/gadget. Tabs are just another extension, though rather useless.
  • Some tab icons are rather stupid – The one for Live Spaces (right now) is the face of some random mom and her baby: Another tab for has another random chick : . The one for Live Messenger itself is this : . Would you have made that connection between the tab icon, to what it actually represented? I couldn’t. The WLM and Live Spaces tab should be simply there self-respected icons, and the site should simply be a heart. Far better than these cruddy icons. And these icons among others change all the time. Really pointless and stupid.
  • You can’t get rid of a tab or make your own tabs – There’s no way to make your own tabs at all. Nor can you delete them off your list. You can move ones you don’t like to the bottom of the list (no drag-n-drop, just continually pressing up/down button to position on list), but that’s it. Microsoft has gotten rid of some tabs before, for whatever reason. So you really have little control on tabs.
  • No RSS tab – A feature I would find useful would be accessing RSS feeds on any WLM client. Too bad that WinLive doesn’t have something like this as a service. Would really be nice and handy though. I don’t like using to get feeds.
  • Most (of the better) tabs could simply be buttons on the dashboard – Important tabs like Contacts, Favorites, and Alerts should be positioned on the dashboard as functions, rather than separate tabs. Far more useful.
  • Rhapsody? Are they serious? – Wow. Zune Marketplace is 10X better than Rhapsody, and you guys aren’t even promoting it? Especially since Zune comes from Microsoft? Kinda weird how Microsoft isn’t promoting their own products, yet they feel fine to support a sub-par music service.

Those are the main things I wanted to point out about the uselessness of tabs. Does anyone happen to agree with me? I think tabs is a stupid idea.


3 thoughts on “Does anyone else find tabs in Windows Live Messenger a bit useless?

  1. I totally agree you on the stupid tab issue!
    but the Rhapsody….
    that\’s part of the Microsoft Anti-Trust lawsuit… better not to touch that…

  2. Yeah, Microsoft was forced to offer a deal in which it has to advertise Rhapsody across some of the Microsoft sites.

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