White House imagery under Birds-eye view is pixelated?

I didn’t notice before, but the birds-eye imagery for the White Houston is VERY pixelated. More birds-eyes views are usually rather crisp and more detailed, but this is quite a surprise:


Have a look yourself.

I’m not surprised, because it’s most likely a matter of safety, but it’s not as if any helicopter couldn’t pass by the White House and take snapshots. Or somebody could gain rooftop access on nearby buildings for snapshots as well.

So pixelating the birds-eye imagery wasn’t nice. The aerial photos aren’t as good either.


Well I thought you might want to know.


5 thoughts on “White House imagery under Birds-eye view is pixelated?

  1. actually, since 9/11 flying around DC is highly restricted — pretty much only government aircraft. And there would be a lot of questions asked if you appeared on a nearby rooftop and started talking pictures.
    Plus, there\’s a rule in DC: no buildings taller than the Capitol. So there are few places where you could get a downward view on the White House.
    (the exception to the "no buildings taller than the Capitol" rule is the Washington Monument, which technically speaking isn\’t a building)

  2. If you pan left and right, you\’ll notice that it\’s only the Whithouse\’s block and other specific government buildings that are pixelated. I\’d have to assume its a security measure.

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