Blog spam X 20

I received a lot of spam today. Want to guess how much? Well here’s a look at "some" of the comment that’s unfortunately ended up today:


A lot, isn’t it? Exactly why one of my other blog posts (the one about Live Spaces needing better spam/comment control), is absolutely right on the spot. Without a spam/report/block button, or an easy and direct way of deleting comments, things like this happens. Spam pulled all over my Live Spaces, and I have to go in and delete every single one myself. Definitely not something I enjoy.

And this is the exact same guy that does this a lot. Some Chinese dude thinking it’s his job (which it probably is for all I know) to post spam on users’ blogs and get a profit for clicks. What a loser. So you know what I did? I went to his space and reported him. Here’s his profile page. I pressed the report abuse button on the bottom of the page. What I found surprising was the choices of abuses to pick from:


No spam option? I mean is Live Spaces aware of this problem? I know for sure that a good number of users went on my blog and agreed and consented with my article about this problem. Seriously, nudity? Who cares? Spam is a more serious offense here.


Fun isn’t it? If you have something to say, please comment.


2 thoughts on “Blog spam X 20

  1. I guess it at least drive some traffic on search engine for you, but I agree a spam detection tool would be a great choice!

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