Live Search gets a new look – I don’t like it

Seems like Live Search is already getting another new look. I can’t say that I like it.


Looks far worse than the nice simple one they have now:


Let me point out why I have a dislike for the new one:

  • Search box isn’t directly in the center – I like my search box right in the center when the page comes up. It feels very organized and balanced there. The new box is slightly angled towards the upper left.
  • Ugly "Flair" comes back – I didn’t really much care for the Flair design, but now it’s coming back in a hideous way. It stands randomly on the right side of the page.
  • Unneeded bars – Notice the blue/green bars on the new page? Absolutely wasteful. We don’t need another link telling us to put them as their homepage, where most users would if they had wanted to. And we really don’t need another mini-Live advertisement telling us to try their services. At least in the older one, it was more subtle.
  • Ugly search box – Yikes. It’s rather ugly to me. I like the new updated search icon, but it belongs outside the box. Not inside where it crams. The search fields on top need a better looking arrangement.
  • Waste of space – Any good artwork doesn’t waste space. You fill as much as you can with the goods. But the odd positioning of the search box, the Flair sticking out, and the choice of color schemes won’t win any design awards for wasting this space with a yucky look.
  • Very top bar misses links – I liked have quick access to web Live Hotmail, and Spaces. I liked how the Live Orb had quick access, but it’s like they got rid of that quickly. Now it’s just plain dumb. How about putting the US flag instead of same old boring United States country link.

I don’t know if Microsoft will every get better designers to think things carefully and make them at least look nicer to work with. I’ve drawn my own concepts, though I doubt MS will ever take a look at them. I really hope that’s not the final version. The link was available at but they reverted back to the original.


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