New Live Search games – Matt Lauer and Picture This

One game is great and easy to get points, while the other isn’t as good and you get very little points.

Matt Lauer is the good one. Even though Matt Lauer, from the Today show, just stands there and doesn’t say a word or anything, the games named after him. (personally, I would just call it Live Maps Trivia) So this games utilizes Live Maps and associates geography trivia questions with it. You can pan around the map to help find the answer, or use Live Search (the maps didn’t help that much).

You can get up to 20 points for each game. There’s usually 4 questions, with 3 multiple choices each. If you get a question wrong, you lose 2,500 points (points in this game aren’t associated with Club points). Get it wrong again, and you lose another 2,500 points. (HINT : you can’t get automatic Live Search help. You lose points if you press the search icon on the answers).

It’s a relatively super fast game, and offers a lot of useful points. Plus users get to try out Live Maps. Here is a screenshot:


Then there’s Picture This. It’s basically a game to help improve the Live Image Search index. Very similar to Google Image Labeler. They’re both similar in that they’re both designed to help making the image search experience better. Two users selected at random are suppose to work together to pick the best picture results. Pick the same thing, and you and your partner earn some points. However, they both do it in different ways. On Google Image Labeler (GIL), a picture pops up and you and your partner are suppose to come up with labels or tags that best match with it. Get the same label and you guys receive points.

On Picture This, a search term has been entered and you and your partner pick the BEST picture, from a range of results. Just ONE picture that you think really matched the term. If you and your partner pick the same, you both get some points. Both games last 2 minutes long. Personally, I think GIL is better than Picture This. At least I think it will do better to improve the search results on Google than Live. Because on Picture This, many pictures are generally good at matching the search term, and there are a few bad ones you can report. With GIL, you can help add more tags so that if people search them, they’ll find it. That’s my opinion.

Anyways, you don’t really get a lot of points with Picture This, compared to the other Live Search Club games, but you can send them to charity or use it to earn prizes. GIL is basically Google’s way of getting free labor, in exchange for a "game".

Here’s some screenshots:



Not too bad. I would improve it though by letting us add tags to these pictures, and we if partners get the same tag, there’s more points. And I think the minimum # of points for this game should be 10-15. Not a measly 3.


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