Live Mesh came out


A bit late, but I’m going to cover Live Mesh. So Live Mesh came out earlier this week. From what I’ve seen, I would state it as a service where users can easily synchronize their devices, and be able to access most content from these devices.


Nice service, though I’m not particularly interested. Probably because I don’t really have a lot of devices worth synchronizing.

Most people have had a positive view on what Microsoft’s offering in Live Mesh. Live Mesh isn’t just a service, it’s a platform. It’ll be opened up for a lot of people to work with, and mobile and Mac support is coming soon. I’m not going to bother with screenshots and everything, but I’ll hand out some good useful links:

Official Live Mesh site :

Basic info. about Live Mesh :

First look at Live Mesh :

Find or share Live Mesh invites :

Mary Jo Foley’s list of 10 things she think we oughta know about Live Mesh :


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