Microsoft Office Lite – Microsoft’s solution for a lower-end MS Office?

People have been begging Microsoft to make a lower-end version of Office, without making it as awful as Microsoft Works.


Maybe soon, Microsoft will offer such a thing.

So what could be expect in Microsoft Office Lite? Well here’s what I think:

  • Ads – Of course, there has to be ads when it’s free. I’m guessing maybe a banner ad at the bottom (text ads are too annoying when creating docs). Worst would be one of those ads where you hover over text, and a ad display pops out. Ugh.
  • Most Office 2003 features, with an Office 07′ look – The simplish functionality of Office 2003 (or older), with a more modern twist. Some sort of Ribbon-eque look and maybe some new themes.
  • Works right in a browser – All you need is a Live ID, and you’re info. can work just anywhere there’s a browser or Lite program. Full support for IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  • Easy synchronization to Live Mesh – One-click saving to Live Mesh to easily share and collaborate with people.
  • Save in the popular Office formats – No more .wks (spreadsheets), .wdb (database), and .wps (processor). Just plain regular .xlsx, .docx, .pptx., and other OOXML formats for better standards.
  • Free – Most basic thing of course. Completely free. The only "pro" upgrade is Microsoft Office.
  • Integration with other Live services – At least some things. Like the Outlook alternative would probably be Windows Live Mail. Live search box in a corner. Simple solutions like that.
  • Add-ons and extensions – Let them be available.
  • Lightweight – These are rather simple, so why make it complex?

That’s what I basically would hope to see in Office Lite. Any other suggestions?


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