Photosynth appears on CSI: NY

Photosynth made a great appearance on CSI: NY when it broadcasted 5/1/08 Wednesday night.

In this episode, the team uses Photosynth to help recreate a scene of interest (the main ballroom of the academy’s celebration) from the many phones and cameras collected by the CSI team The devices get connected to the computer, the Photosynth software analyzes them and then it’s ready to explore.

In the first part, when the team uses Photosynth,  they use it to determine who the murder victim was leaving with out the door.

In the 2nd part of the team using Photosynth, they find out another suspect about to leave the ballroom at the time of the murder victim’s speech. Both clues have shown to be quite helpful, thanks to Photosynth.

I thought this was pretty neat. Microsoft didn’t even have to pay the producers of CSI: NY to get this on. CBS was quite happy to have the latest technology right on their show.

Here’s some articles of interest:


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