i’m Making a Difference now works for Hotmail

The popular i’m Making a Difference initiative that Microsoft launched a year ago, is still going on, and also now supports Hotmail.


The same 10 organizations to choose from are still there. You can use the same one as you did for Live Messenger, or you can pick a different one for Hotmail. It works out great either ways. So every time you send an e-mail to someone, a bit of the ad revenues that Microsoft receives goes directly to the organization you picked. It’s so easy (something you probably do often enough) and it really helps out somebody.

Here’s how to do it :

1. Go to http://mail.live.com/ and sign in.

2. Check out Options and go to More Options


3. Go to the Customize your Mail section and select i’m making a difference


4. Pick the organization you would love to support


Select Save. That’s it.

So just send e-mails, and you’re helping your cause. An extra bonus is that instead of the usual ad that gets attached to the bottom of your message when you use the web version (if you use Live Mail client, no ads at all!), you instead get a little tag that shows how you’re helping out by using Live Hotmail. Really neat.


And people claim that Microsoft is just another one of those greedy corporations. :^)

Also of note, the i’m site launched a new featured called the Community Corkboard. The Community Corkboard "is an open forum for discussion and dialog. Post your thoughts and opinions about the topics that matter most to you, and check back often to keep the dialog going." I personally find it rather cool and creative. This an the whole i’M initiative is really different from the usual boring Microsoft, and I encourage MS to do neat things like this. Here’s a screenshot:


You just hover around the edge of the visible Corkboard to get around the board and view other notes. To launch a note, you click the top part of it. You can also make your own character avatar (called Muggins on the site). Live Messenger could use this built-in.


The whole site is pretty educational and fun to work with. I really suggest you go for it.


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