Pro Photo Tools 1.0 comes out

Microsoft has released a small tool for photographers that offers rich metadata editing, and a geotagging function. It’s called Pro Photo Tools 1.0.


Features include :

  • address to latitude/longitude conversion
  • latitude/longitude to address conversion
  • loading track routes stored by GPS devices
  • placing images on track routes based on time stamps, with a visual adjustment tool
  • integration with Virtual Earth for
    — text based location searches
    — interactive placement of photographs
    — visualization of track routes
    — 2D and 3D map browsing
  • RAW image support
  • edit numerous metadata fields

Though you have to wonder why Microsoft can’t simply just include this within Vista/Live Photo Gallery. It would be much nicer if Microsoft could just make a nice all-in-one photo editor solution, instead of bits and bits of photo tools. I’m hoping that a combo of Live Photo Gallery, Pro Photo Tools, Photosynth, HD View, Group Shot, and all of Microsoft’s other work in digital photo technology can all come into one.


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