Downloaded WorldWide Telescope (WWT) : pretty neat

So I thought I should mention this again before you download this : WWT works on PC’s and Macs, you need to install the latest .NET framework (the reason my installation went foul at first), and be aware that this program is a BETA. It doesn’t state beta on the site, but it claims it’s a beta when you launch the program.


I’m no astronomer, but I went around exploring it. Here are some screenshots:




4 different ways to view data on WWT:

  1. Earth – This is the planet Earth of course. You can view Aerial, Hybrid, Street, and even Night view among others.
  2. Planet – You can view other planets from the list next to this box, and also see the moon, Jupiter’s moons, among others
  3. Sky – This is the main universe view. There’s a lot of ways of viewing the universe, like by microwave, infrared, x-ray, gamma, and other advanced views
  4. Panorama – These are like live camera feeds from other places like McMurdo, Erebus and a few others.


View many tours made by users, make your own tour, and it’s really fun.


You can rate tours and view profiles. (Hopefully some Live ID integration sometime soon, for those that do use it, and it wouldn’t be mandatory. Imagine sharing some stuff with your friends real easy.)


                                                                                            Tour maker.


Right click anywhere on the universe, and instantly receive any data associated at that point. (You have to press the "Close" button or the "X" near the magnifying lens to get rid of the info box. Clicking on the universe won’t get rid of it).


                                                           Geospatial data and content search filter are at the bottom.


The Earth has never looked any better. (although maybe except in NASA WorldWind)

                                                                                               [Image Error] 

Earth at Night. NOTE : For some reason, you can’t zoom into much detail once at the city level. Not just Night, but also in Aerial, and Road (both based on Virtual Earth). I’m hoping it’s just a bug. I would love to zoom in closer. They might put all VE features into the Earth view someday.

So that’s all I feel like sharing. You should try it yourself. Remember, it’s FREE, works on PC’s and Macs, you need .NET 3.5, and off you go.



One thought on “Downloaded WorldWide Telescope (WWT) : pretty neat

  1. This is really neat. I heard about it the first time you mentioned it, and I agree. WWT happens to be one of the coolest things MS has launched in quite awhile. Just amazing.

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