More details on Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV

You remember what Mediaroom IPTV was? It’s Microsoft’s solution to bringing digital television over IP. It’s already available from AT&T U-Verse and BT Fusion. The technology behind Mediaroom is set to make it the future of digital television.


How so? Well here are the latest known things about Mediaroom IPTV:

  • Interactive applications – multi-camera views, quick stats, live polls, bios, and other data. Anyone can code their own "application" and try to sell or make it free. Should be lightweight and work on normal set-top boxes.
  • Quick channel changing
  • Multiple channel DVR recording (w/o hardware tuner limit)
  • Multi-room viewing (go from one room to another without missing a second)
  • Multiple picture-in-picture (PIP)
  • Data transmitted over IP (ability to get info straight from the web, and fast)
  • Better HD content – not squeezed through a very narrow cable like other known solutions
  • More intuitive UI
  • Parental Controls
  • Synchronization with media from PC – another major important feature (why it’s called Mediaroom)
  • Ability to interact with friends
  • Go mobile
  • Ability to customize which channels you want
  • Probably even more

I mean this is really next generation technology. Most people will laugh at anything new Microsoft puts out, but Mediaroom is just another example at how Microsoft’s not a complete loser at everything. Can your digital television service do any of the features I just listed? I don’t think so. 🙂

Seeing details like this, really show the power of the Mediaroom platform. Really blows Apple TV out of the water. Hopefully Media Center integration will be strong.

I’ve seen AT&T U-Verse(which utilizes Mediaroom IPTV), at my brother-in-laws apartment and it’s just astounding. The UI transitions were smooth, the picture quality is great, the neat channel previews (with live content playing in the small preview window!), among other things just made this the most fantastic TV experience I ever experienced. It also doesn’t really cost that much as it seems.

If you can, I really suggest you go for AT&T U-Verse. It’s not offered in many areas, but if you can, you’ll probably love it. Here are some screenshots:





Gizmodo has an article about the new features. On10 has a nice video of the latest updates of Mediaroom.    

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