Live Cashback – What it is, and how it’s NOT Microsoft paying people to use Live Search

Live Cashback just launched around 5/21/08. Live Cashback : A service to help find great rebates/discounts on products search.


Overall, Cashback just saves a lot of money if you’re a frequent online shopper. There is a MISCONCEPTION however that Cashback is nothing more than Microsoft handing you money to use Live Search. That is completely false. The people saying this never even looked or tried Cashback, and are just making plain assumptions. How is this not Microsoft giving out cash to use Live Search? Well:

  1. You have to BUY products to get "cash back" – The money you receive in your Cashback account comes straight from purchases you bought from the many online stores that Cashback supports. If you don’t buy a product, you don’t get the percentage rebate back into your account. A rebate is where you pay the original price for the product, but the store offers to give you a percentage of the money back (in this case, via Cashback)
  2. It’s not Microsoft’s money to give – It’s essentially YOUR money. The Cashback percentage listed on each item from each store, shows the percentage you get back. So you’re really just getting a piece of your money back, and you’re truly saving money

I think this is rather an ingenious way of getting Live Search up, and benefitting a lot of people. How so?

  • Users – Get rebates on products and SAVE. Plus you can easily compare prices with other stores to find which has the best deal. It even include that total price after Cashback rebates
  • Online stores – If users feel they’re saving a lot from this store, people will go buy there. That’s increased traffic.
  • Microsoft – Increased use of Live Search, and might get some switchers

And getting your Cashback money isn’t hard. As soon as the amount of rebates hits $5, you click the "Pay Me" button right on your Cashback account, and receive your money via online bank account, PayPal, or by check.

Overall, Cashback SAVES people money. NOT a way for Microsoft to hand out money. Here’s some screenshots:





11 thoughts on “Live Cashback – What it is, and how it’s NOT Microsoft paying people to use Live Search

  1. I think it\’d be useful if they offered more ways to claim the rebates. For example, the savings you make are very small amounts that you want to build up over time just like airmiles. So, why not let me claim my rebate as just that – credit my airmiles account. I think that\’d be pretty cool.
    What do you reckon?

  2. I\’ve been trying for weeks now and I can\’t access the Cashback site to set up an account. All I get is an error message saying "Safari could not open the page “” because the server is not responding". Doesn\’t work when I use a PC either.

  3. @ruppnan : That\’s funny, I just checked out Cashback, and it works for me. I also accessed the site using Safari.
    Maybe you should refresh the site? Sometimes websites don\’t open up. Do you have a Windows Live ID, and sign-in with it? I\’m not sure what the problem could be. Do you live in the US?

  4. Hi Michael, I live in the US (southeastern Wisconsin), I do have a Windows live ID, a Hotmail account for years, can sign in with both and get to all the sites but NOT My Cashback account. I\’ve refreshed, cleared cache, tried signing in directly, and through the link sent in the ebay messages, using a PC, a MAC, different web browsers, you name it I tried it! A big reason I bought the ebay item was because I thought I could get cashback. Really frustrated here!

  5. I really wish MS would add the ability to rate the online retailers AFTER you made a purchase using the Live Search Cashback function.
    I used cash back to buy a $300 pair of speakers, and the company, PC Nation, shipped my package via UPS Ground 4 to 7 days when they had advertized Fedex 3 day shipping for free. I had to cancel the order cause I had ordered the package for a specific party I was throwing and it didn\’t arrive on time. If we could rate the retailer after we made a purchase, cashback would further serve the consumer, and allow a better buying experience.
    Maybe they could even have a comments section so when you rate you could also write good/bad experiences, similar to Ebay, and the companies could have login\’s to respond.

  6. @Eddie : Good idea. I don\’t personally use Cashback, but any improvements, the better. Check if Cashback has a feedback page, and request they add such a feature.

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