Live Search Farecast – Nothing really new

Live Search Farecast also recently came out the same time as Live Cashback.


Live Search Farecast is a tool to determine when it’s the best time to purchase airline tickets, as well as a hotel search, and flight quality filter.

Farecast got picked by Microsoft for a cool $75-$115 million (not certain), and is now integrated into Live Search. However, it’s essentially the same look and feel it had before, but now placed in a Live Search UI. Nothing much has really changed other than that.

Hopefully, the Live Search team will try giving the site a more updated UI-look (or at least go along with the current Live Search look), offer better tools or more features, less advertisements (probably the most sponsored links and ads of any Live site), and maybe extend into some more areas like:

  • Trains (fare & journey quality)
  • Ship cruises & Boats (fare & journey quality)
  • User reviews (from users on the Farecast site, not other sites)
  • Find local business listings (via Live Local)
  • Flight tracker
  • Destination guides
  • Destination profile page (brief overview, with current time, weather, alerts, etc.)

You know, basically be a top-notch travel info. site, with all the perks. Having a site dedicated to one thing is good, but people these days want internet destinations where you can get everything all-in-one. Hopefully, that could help get rid of the crappy MSN Travel site.

Overall, it’s a decent site to pick the best airfare deal, but it could use more features like I listed above. Maybe we’ll see more updates coming soon.


One thought on “Live Search Farecast – Nothing really new

  1. It\’ll be more useful when you can buy stuff on it and get money back via Live Search cashback. THAt will make it worth visiting.

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