No Space. No Profile Picture. No Communication. No being Friends with me.

This is something personal I want to issue. And this might not apply to everyone. But if your one of my "friends" that I’ve added, I ask that you either have a real Live Space I can look at, a simple profile picture, and have commented or communicated with me sometime.


I honestly do not want a list of "friends" that have none of these. Your more like a ghost or invisible person if you don’t have these. I don’t know why you would want to be friends with me, if I can’t even try with you. It’s really creepy, and I’m already starting to crack down on the friend issue.

So if you’re my friend on Live Space, prove it by doing something. I will DEFINITELY get rid of people right off the bat that have none of these things. And I might toss out more if they lack too much. So this is a warning.

Comment more often and that will also score you some brownie points. So this is just a warning post.


3 thoughts on “No Space. No Profile Picture. No Communication. No being Friends with me.

  1. Congradulations Micheal..I have been doing the same as I recieve friend requests.  Tend to check profile information first and attempt to view requestors space to determine compatiability in interests, language,
    etc. prior to approving.

  2. @CUSTOM COMPUTERS : Thanks. I at first was ok with having anyone add me (so they can keep tabs on my blog), but it\’s annoying how these "friends" don\’t act like friends.

  3. get a live, turn off your computer and step out the door. Out there you might get some REAL friends, you moron. THIS IS THE INTERNET¡¡¡¡

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