5 Absolutely annoying aspects of Live Spaces

Live Spaces is fine enough, but there’s many annoying issues I’ve been hoping the Spaces team would resolve for a long time. Here they are:

1. Usage of the "Communicate Preference Settings" – For some reason, even if a person does not enable other people to communicate with him or herself, that person can communicate with ANYONE. So when a person like I tries to respond back to a message, I get this:


What a joke! So this guy can communicate with me whenever he feels like it, but I can’t respond back? So why should this guy enable one-way communication with people, but won’t allow other people to respond?

My fix : People can only send messages if they too can receive messages from other people.

2. Spam – It’s practically everywhere on Live Spaces. Usually by some Chinese guys. It’s annoying have to go to edit mode of a blog post just to get rid of it, but it’s also annoying that you can’t easily report these spammers with stupid links to nowhere. Some Spaces users (looking directly at the people that run Live team blogs) don’t even get rid of the spam. It just sits there forever piling up the comment section and looks atrocious. Image below is taken from an entry of the OneCare Safety Scanner blog.


My fix : Enable a report/block button next to users names in the comment section, and have someone maintain this.

3. Usage of Categories and NOT Tags – Should it be that hard to be able to search for blog entries with a quick tag? Tags do a much better job of labeling contents of a blog post, then categorizing them under just one group. There’s also a limit of 25 categories you can make. So this is very convenient, and a tagging solution might be way more helpful. For that reason, I don’t use Categories.

My fix : Drop the Categories, Enable tagging. Welcome to Web 2.0

4. "Sorry, you can’t view this space" – Even if I’m considered one of your "friends"? I have several "friends" whose Spaces I can’t view for some reason. I have to write an explanation why, like in this screen snapshot:


It’s not as I added this person. This person added me, yet I can’t view this person’s Space. What a joke.

5. Lots of clicking and page reloads – Live Spaces loves to reload a page when you do something as simple as adding a comment, or deleting comments, editing just one module, among other tasks. How hard is it to code the site to easily make changes to something without having to reload the page and wait? I shouldn’t have to navigate around a lot to do something oh-so simple with so many clicks. A simple task does not need to reload the page 7 times to get it done. What a hassle.

Overall. those are the main quirks I have with Live Spaces. Hopefully someone will listen and fix these problems.                                        


3 thoughts on “5 Absolutely annoying aspects of Live Spaces

  1. Hopefully so. I doubt they will…I think they\’re working on something much bigger – what I don\’t know but there needs to be something to explain the lack of innovation in Live Spaces.

  2. I agree with all 5. To me, these fixes are way more important than any new features or anything. First fix these, and then move on to new features.
    Sadly, it might seem like forever until a new update comes.

  3. I have to agree with Sammy, Michael.
    MSN has the occasional innovative idea, but mindful development seems to be a major weakness of the Spaces Live Team.
    Perhaps they need to pay more attention to blogs critical of Spaces, instead of pandering to the ones which are warm and fuzzy toward MSN (my space used to be one of the latter).
    You\’ve offered some sound insighte which should be taken seriously.

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