Live Expo is joining the list of failed Windows Live services

Another day, another service to be phased out. Seems like Windows Live Expo is going to be coming to an end.


Right now the site claims Expo is ending service July 31, 2008. The message always claims that you CAN’T:

  • Create a new account
  • Post a new listing
  • Extend a listing
  • Upgrade a listing to a premium listing

So pretty much, all you can do is maintain whatever is left of the postings you put up, and delete them or respond back to anybody that was interested. Then it all goes down the drain.

I didn’t think it would take long. My thoughts on Live Expo is that the service is really cruddy, didn’t offer much over Craigslist (well at least more direct pictures), stupid name (seriously, who not simply call it "Classifieds"?), outdated UI (Live Wave 2?), among other stupid things. Releasing mediocre services like this is not going to make people use Windows Live at all.

Heck, the Expo team can’t even manage their blog (like many other teams btw), and haven’t updated in eons. And the comment sections are piling with spam (if you can’t manage the blog, at least close the comment section. Too lazy for that?). The Expo team is such a disappointment.

So good riddance. Maybe one day when the Live team gets their stuff right, we might see a really great classified service from them. However, after seeing the lazy Expo team (if they still exist) and their work, I don’t really count on it.

I wonder what this could mean for Windows Live Favorites. That site too hasn’t been updated to the Live Wave 2 UI. So will that go kaput? I don’t really actually use Live Favorites, but I could one day if I might need to access some of my faves on a computer that isn’t mine. So that would be a unique service worth keeping. If only that could just simply update it.

Maybe the WL teams can get their act together and do a better job instead of closing down services. Shows how weak they are. 


3 thoughts on “Live Expo is joining the list of failed Windows Live services

  1. Hey, Mike…
    I have to agree with you up to a point about the haphazard services and support offered by Live Spaces; they\’ve made any number of poor and ill-advised moves, often to the detriment of the blogging experience of all Spacers. The lack of updating you referenced in Live Expo is in direct opposition to the continual "updates and tweaks" they inflicted upon Live Spaces, generally without even a heads-up that the changes were forthcoming. Got to be pretty frustrating, especially for some of us who are a little technically challenged.
    Still, it is what it is: a free service and you get what you "pay" for. For the most part, I\’ve stuck to blogging without venturing into Skype, Public sharing files, and other features available to us. I\’m still kinda wondering what the point of Live Expo was, to begin with(I AM familiar with Craigslist., after a visit or two…)
    Thanks for some level-headed and knowledgeable observations about the ongoing process of evolution we\’re experiencing here in Spaces. Keep up the good work, sir; who knows–you may be running things one day!

  2. @marge : Thanks. I would like to say in a way that we as users do kinda pay. We pay be looking at advertisements, which I\’m sure the Live team must get paid a lot by. So in return, I kind of expect a better service that\’s always getting made into something better. Just don\’t see this happening enough on the Live Spaces side.

  3. There are many such attempts by, etc but rocks, in terms of its data and visitors. We let a consumer select and search across such channels and craigslist is one of the top contributors in US. I wish craigslist will improve its stability though

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