Brand new (online) Microsoft Store

Microsoft has opened a brand new Microsoft Store site. From first appearances, the site seems very clean and simple to use. Nice blank canvas showing just the product.


I’ve got some nice things to say about the Microsoft Store website :

  1. Nice clean design – Far better than I would have expect. None of that crazy, cluttered, over-colored UI at Windows Marketplace. Just simple and to the point. The page is has a clean cut look, and no ads, or any other crazy things to promote it.
  2. Download Option – You can download the Windows OS, Office, and other stuff once you pay for it. No need to buy a CD (there’s a choice though), and waste space. Product keys are right on the sight, and all you have to do is just log-in to see them. A download option is very eco-friendly.

Now here’s what I don’t like about the Microsoft Store site:

  1. UK & Germany only – I know the US always seems to be first to get things, but I don’t see why the US can’t be supported at the moment. I can still browse the site at least.
  2. Lack of products – You’d think Microsoft would try offering more of their products. "Home+Money" section has no Money products, and "Design+Developer" don’t even have any developing tools. Plus Encarta, OneCare, and other software programs? Along with hardware items like Xbox 360, Zunes, keyboards, webcams, mice, etc. Why aren’t they on here too?
  3. No ratings/reviews/screenshots/video demos, etc. – Come on. None of that? It wouldn’t hurt, right? Maybe MS (or any company selling their own stuff on their site) could stand the criticism of any product, but no screenshots or video demos to share instantly? It shouldn’t be that hard.
  4. Prices – I’ve complained about prices before, but making it affordable and not too outright expensive will make buying a viable choice from piracy. I’d say an OS shouldn’t cost more than $250 a piece, and most Office programs should go between $20-$40.

Aside from that, I’d love to see a Microsoft (retail) store coming soon. Would be a great place to showcase current products and other upcoming goodies. I can’t go more into that, but I’d say it be a fantastic idea to open up flagship stores around the nation.

James Senior has some pretty good info. about the site.


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