CEO Ballmer to reign for another 8-9 years?

It looks as if Steve Ballmer might reign as Microsoft’s CEO all the way to 2018, if something doesn’t disrupt this.

Hopefully, something does. Personally, I don’t like Steve Ballmer. I can’t say that Microsoft has improved all that much since he’s been CEO, nor has it been that bad. But I definitely wouldn’t miss Ballmer, if he had to step down. Why?

  1. Bad image for MS – People only hear and discuss Ballmer’s nutso-like personality. The pictures of his face with this silly grin, like a sweating ape. Ballmer throwing chairs, and screaming about DEVELOPERS. I’m not all judgmental based on peoples’ looks, but I can’t feel confident much about Microsoft just looking at Ballmer. He gives the company a bad image.
  2. Onstage presence is poor – Based on prior past appearances (DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!), Ballmer just isn’t a good spokesman for the company. Steve Jobs does a much better natural approach.
  3. Lack of any ingenuity coming from MS – So far, even with some neat stuff still coming from Microsoft, the company’s still not compelling enough to people. It’s much harder to like Microsoft, than it is to like Apple. Apple products are usually all noted for being nice-looking, functional, and blends well with each other. Microsoft on the other hand has a bunch of products, some bad and some great, but there’s a lack of a similar experience with all the products, and MS needs to bring out something new.

So I really hope Microsoft could hire some younger guy, with more passion, with better looks, and evokes a stronger feel for Microsoft. A fresh new CEO, could be a new and better start for the future of Microsoft.

Ballmer staying in for so long, makes me have doubts if Microsoft can pull away from the negativity associated with the company. Even a blog from the CEO would be nice.

From Engadget.


3 thoughts on “CEO Ballmer to reign for another 8-9 years?

  1. Rubbish. Ballmer\’s the best thing to happen to MSFT in years (apart from Ozzie). Better looks? Who cares what he looks like FFS.
    Do you want some faceless suit running it? Not me…at least Ballmer has some presence and he\’s also one of the smartest guys I\’ve ever heard speak. Truthfully.

  2. @Jamie : I honestly don\’t know much about Ballmer, but what the public perceives about him. I\’ve seen more coming from Gates in the past years, despite Ballmer being the CEO. So Ballmer isn\’t my type of guy when I don\’t see him actually doing anything.

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