Windows Live vs. Live Search vs. MSN

If some of you didn’t already know, these are three separate divisions of Microsoft’s online service : Windows Live, Live Search, and MSN. Here’s the basic difference:

Windows Live = Services ; Just services, and that’s it. Thing like e-mail, IM, file storage, community site, etc.

  Live Search = Search ; Just the search engine, and that it. Like Web, Image, News, Video, and other search.


MSN = Content ; Such as articles and topics of interest

Hopefully, that could help explain what each 3 divisions of Microsoft’s online division does. Personally, I hope to see the all combined one day into one successful internet destination and service. Hopefully, it won’t be sloppily done, but that’s just a dream. Anyways, that should explain the difference if you didn’t already get it.


One thought on “Windows Live vs. Live Search vs. MSN

  1. i definetly agree, it is soo confusing, i still search on the windows live toolbar though, makes me wonder if it searches on windows live or live search. :s . any how, if microsoft wants to keep up with google, they might as well make only one division like you said. this would make it more easy for all and not get confuse

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