MobileMe – Apple’s new online service solution ; why it’s neat and why it sucks

I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear anything about Apple’s WWDC that occurred on Monday. The main news being that there’s a 3G iPhone and a service called MobileMe.


MobileMe is Apple’s new online service. The way Apple describes it, MobileMe is suppose to help make it easy to access some of your stuff from your desktop (PC or Mac), from a web browser, and from your iPhone. It’s not ready yet, but it will be hosted on the site. Based on the screenshots, MobileMe seems to be really pretty and simple.


I must say, even  though this is Apple’s first attempt at online service, the screenshots really show more of a smooth interface and feel than what Windows Live has ever accomplished. I mean look at Windows Live. It’s a mess compared to MobileMe. Some services look completely different, others have quickly died, Live Search uses a different UI theme, MSN has it’s own jumble of properties, and a lot of confusion. Apple seems to have their service mostly right with the way MobileMe is set up.

However, I must say that MobileMe is nothing but a blatant overpriced service, that you could already get from Windows Live, Google, and Yahoo! for FREE. Albeit, with advertising and some limitation, but it’s free and does exactly the same thing. Case in point:

  • StorageLive SkyDrive and AOL Xdrive does 5GB for free.
  • Mail – The interface looks VERY much like Yahoo! Mail’s web interface. (There is Quick Reply though, and it’s nice quick way to respond back to an e-mail with just a simple message thread)
  • Address Book – I already love the way Live Contacts is set-up (same way that Yahoo! copied it)
  • Calendar – Same as Google Calendar (though I must add it seems like a blast to use and has extra features)
  • Gallery – Can you say Flickr? Or even Live Spaces’s user photo section? (again, I must say that album set-up and viewing are very neat and simple)
  • iDisk – Sounds a lot like SkyDrive (which does both storage + share)

So is $99 really that justifiable enough to pay for all this you can get for free? There’s no advertisements and the services are completely integrated, but Microsoft and Yahoo! (Google mobile is kinda meh) have already offered these services as well as access them on a mobile phone for free. Also, sounds rather self-centric (which isn’t surprising considering Apple’s target audience).

I say that MobileMe is a rip off. Also, if you’d note, the MobileMe logo has a rather very similar "me" as the one in the Windows ME logo.


Quite a coincidence, no? Too me, MobileMe is just a rip-off. Just a copycat of Microsoft Exchange. Might be great for just a regular loser (I mean user), but not as great as Microsoft Exchange. Maybe the "me" in the logo really stands for Microsoft Exchange. Heh.

Also, take a look between MobileMe’s Gallery service compared with Windows Live for TV’s picture gallery:


What a copycat! Apple’s been really copying lately it seems.

It’s just typical Apple gloss and shine with an overpriced fee. I also thought that .Mac at least sounded cooler than MobileMe.

Here’s a link to the guided tour if you’re interested (need lousy Quicktime and it’s almost 10 minutes) :

I will admit that Apple does a good job on describing their service in the video, compared to the crappy way MS does it with their Windows Live stuff. Plus the photos are way more appealing and fresh, and the person seems to actually speak well (no noticeable mess-ups). It’s really smooth.

Also Apple’s Keynotes are always interesting to watch. Why? Because the presentation slides are rich with shiny graphics, to-the-point statements, and smooth demos. Microsoft keynotes are noticeably a bore. Microsoft could take notes on a more engaging keynote.

Hopefully, this will get Microsoft, Yahoo!, and even Google scurrying to deliver better online services. Especially MS.


6 thoughts on “MobileMe – Apple’s new online service solution ; why it’s neat and why it sucks

  1. I agree. MobileMe looks nice, but it\’s just a bunch of overpriced fluff in the end. Only an Apple loyalist would go for this. Or your average ordinary young teenager attracted to Apple\’s shiny offerings.

  2. Why will people pay for it when there are other products out there that do the same thing for free? You answered your own question…The services are completely integrated. That means that your work and personal calendars, emails, contacts, etc. (including Exchange) can be managed from any place and kept up to date in every other place without effort. That\’s worth 27 cents a day to me. The fact that there are no advertisements is just a bonus.

  3. @Jim : Windows Live does all this. Completely integrated.  Yahoo! and Google do most except file storage and sharing, and it\’s completely integrated.
    The only difference is that one is ad-based, while the other is fee-based. You can easily input stuff from a web browser, and it will be on your phone. Or on your desktop. Same exact thing. All without effort.
    Apple just likes to overcharge you to not have ads.

  4. The real value in will be in keeping personal info synched in real time. It is a reworking of the smartphone problem which began with Palm\’s conduit/backup schema (which was still an innovation at the time). Smashing up your smartphone will only mean losing the data, not the contacts, calendar and most recent emails. Yes, cheaper workarounds exist, but this will be very practical.

  5. Title says it sucks but content says it looks like a blast to use and that its neat and simple??This seems like an awesome solution for anyone without an IT department. If you have a Mac, an iPhone and MobileMe, you really have an amazing easy to use, end to end solution. Your iPhone is sync\’d. If you have time machine, your mac backs up wirelessly whenever you are at your office. You can access it all on the web if you are without your computer. It seems pretty ideal to me. Still not clear about what sucks about it? Maybe you think it is overpriced? Why not let the market decide that. Clearly it does not appear to suck as you say yourself.The real question is why didn\’t msft ever offer exchange as a service for independent users?

  6. Apple is such a copycat! I could get all this done with my Live account, for FREE! If this had to be priced, it should be at least $50.
    With my Live account, I can easily sync stuff across my devices, and they\’ll appear on my devices in real time as well. NO need to pay a lot just to do that. It works.

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