Windows Live for TV and MSN WiFi Hotspots are dead

Man, it seems like I post dying Microsoft properties every day. Well here’s two new ones for you : Windows Live for TV and MSN WiFi Hotspots. Both are dead. I didn’t think either would survive.

             &    ARE DEAD

Windows Live for TV looked like it had a sluggish UI and not many people use Spaces to warrant much use on Media Center. There was IMing and Contact Call capabilities but that’s about it. I did like the contact card thing though. Maybe one day, they could just make Live IM fro WMC. It’s already in Xbox 360.

MSN WiFi Hotspots was ok. Like the name says, it’s a tool to help find WiFi places. It worked. But just like almost many MSN sites, it looked so boring. There were many extras, it only just showed WiFi hotspots (free or paid) on a Virtual Earth map. I don’t remember, but I think you could register a new WiFi place you discover. The service does conveniently redirect you to Jiwire, a much better WiFi-finding service, that has even better tools to help you find a WiFi place, worldwide data, and does a much better implementation of pinpointing these places on a Virtual Earth map. There seems to also be some ads along with the service. The site is much better looking and easy to use. This is what Microsoft should have done.

It never made sense to drop WiFi Hotspots in the MSN division. A WiFi-finding service belongs on Windows Live, rather than MSN. And Microsoft never really promoted MSN WiFi Hotspots anyway. What a joke.

Anyways, I hope to see more junk cleared away from Microsoft’s online division. It’s really an embarrassment to the company.

If you look on Wikipedia, Windows Live WiFi Center actually seemed more like a solid service than what MSN WiFi ever was.


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